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Working Principle of glass bottle beer filling machine

by:Trano     2019-12-20
For beer, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar. I believe many people are also very interested in the filling of beer. However, when talking about the filling of beer, you have to mention the beer filling machine. As the name implies, it is not a beer production equipment, it is a beer filling equipment. Today beer manufacturer of aircraft of outfit of fill-- Trano will share with you the working principle of glass bottle beer filling machine. Beer filling machines can be divided into normal pressure filling machines, pressure filling machines and vacuum filling machines according to filling principles. The beer filling and capping machine adopts a pressure filling method, which is to fill under higher atmospheric pressure, the pressure in the liquid storage cylinder is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the beer liquid flows into the bottle by pressure difference. At present, the filling process route at home and abroad is basically: using the rotary motion generated by the Rotary wine tank, make the empty bottle placed on the tank of the wine tank open the vacuum valve fixed on the upper part of the wine tank through the mechanical mechanism, and vacuum the sealed bottle; Turn the valve stem outside, open the air valve, and fill the bottle with CO2 gas; The vacuumizing Cam continues to open the vacuum valve, extracting the air and CO2 mixed gas in the bottle, and the air valve opens again to fill the bottle with CO2 gas; The liquid valve in the filling valve is opened when the pressure in the bottle is close to the back pressure gas pressure, the wine is injected into the bottle along the bottle wall, and the filling of beer is realized by pneumatic or electric control of the filling valve. The control system of today's international advanced beer filling machine is mainly composed of photoelectric switch position detection part, bottle walking belt, frequency conversion speed regulation part of wine cylinder speed, and the main control is composed of programmable controller, touch screen, etc. The mechanical structure device of the filling and capping machine is completely combined with modern automatic control technologies such as PLC programmable control, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, man-machine interface, etc. to form electromechanical integrated filling. Now everyone should have some understanding of the working principle of glass bottle beer filling machine. Now beer filling is also carried out by mechanical equipment, instead of manual operation as before, it can be seen that the achievements of scientific and technological development have benefited many industries. : Beer filling machine manufacturer
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