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A, oxygen, oxygen is hop number one enemy. Oxygen can make alpha acid oxidation polymerization, lose their original taste and anticorrosion ability, polymerization

by:Trano     2020-03-02
A, oxygen, oxygen is hop number one enemy. Oxygen can make alpha acid oxidation polymerization, lose their original taste and anticorrosion ability, aggregated into a hard resin such as gamma resin is one of the main sources of bitter after hop. Hop polyphenols in the polymer after polyphenol oxidation will bring beer rough undrinkable. Hop aroma substances in after oxidation, can lead to hop aroma characteristics disappear or change, but sometimes the oxidation hop will appear obvious ester aroma. In order to cut off oxygen, often using vacuum or nitrogen filled packaging now. Vacuum packing: hop particles, especially high oil content of particles can be compacted into a whole, is very strong, not easy to break, inconvenient to use, see, at present this kind of packing has been less and less. Nitrogen filling packing: aluminum foil bag with a large amount of nitrogen, hop without adhesion between particles, easy to use, is currently use most forms of packaging. Beer house save method: currently, to a large number of procurement of hop is usually 5 kg/bag packaging, and domestic ready-made equipment, it is difficult to in a short period of time used up, so suggested immediately after receipt of the hop will be divided into N small packaging, every time when taking a bag of can. Can use vacuum aluminum foil bag, also can use aluminum foil bag filling nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Inflatable can make use of the air within the packaging top out, then the seal. Oxidation of hops: can be as flowers, a small amount added in wheat production in the late boil. Second, hops suggest preservation temperature, temperature limit is not higher than 4 ℃, higher than the temperature of alpha acid became obvious attenuation, polymerization generates gamma resin, generated after bitter, hop quality; No limit. Low temperature is advantageous to the hops to maintain the original quality, under 0 ℃, up to five years. Disadvantages far lower than 0 ℃, freezing is change in the form of hop. Hop particles itself contains about 8% water, 氷 point under the water freezes, volume expansion, once the normal temperature, particles will be scattered broken, after contact with air oxidation very fast. So suggest keep temperature in 0 2 ℃ between. Suggested that low temperature to hop packing into small packing, avoid taking hop big bag of particle breakage oxidation. Other: the damage caused by the high temperature on imported hops commonly occur in the process of transportation. Hop from abroad to domestic all go cold chain, basic didn't influence. Shipment delivery or gravels, aging will be guaranteed. High temperature nationwide but in, in summer and autumn, express delivery need 2 - 3 days, will have a significant impact on hops, so purchasing hops had better choose spring winter two season. Three, illumination light can make the hop into a gray color, aroma components of loss, alpha acid polymerization generates gamma resin, generated after the bitter taste. So now hop all use aluminum foil bag packing. With transparent valve bag storage hop behavior, although I also do a few times, For sale) , I still want to say, very low, very unprofessional. If there is no aluminum foil bag, can use transparent valve bag + black paper package solution. Four: hop storage environment humidity, relative humidity shoulds not be more than 60%. Humidity will cause: 1, the alpha acid polymerization generates gamma resin, produce after the bitter taste; 2, mildew bacterium, hop can kill most gram-positive bacterium, of gram-negative bacteria and fungi has almost no effect; 3, decay, and plant tissue in the environment of the enough moisture, rot is inevitable. The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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