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Analysis of cleaning tips for self-brewed beer equipment by filling machine manufacturers

by:Trano     2019-12-21
In today's rapidly developing Internet era, the beer industry is developing rapidly, especially in today's hot summer, beer is deeply loved by the vast number of customers, and more consumers prefer to buy beer, this has led to a gradual increase in beer sales, resulting in a higher and higher utilization rate of self-brewed beer production equipment. As we all know, how to use the equipment for a long time will have some failures, including self-brewing equipment is no exception, so do you know how to clean and maintain it? Next, Shandong trano, the manufacturer of the filling machine, will take you to the following to learn about it. 1. Before cleaning the beer production equipment, use air to discharge the carbon dioxide in the tank, which can prevent the lye from absorbing the carbon dioxide during cleaning, and the tank forms a vacuum and causes damage to the tank. 2. When the rotary jet can washer is used, it should be able to automatically detect the rotation and conduct regular manual inspection. 3. The manufacturer of beer filling machine warmly reminds that a hole should be left at the bottom of the can washer of the self-brewed beer equipment so that no residual liquid is left inside the washer. 4. The flow rate of cleaning liquid recovery should be higher than that of washing pump, otherwise the tank may be submerged. 5. The part higher than the cleaner shall be adjusted by adjusting the nozzle of the cleaner to obtain reliable cleaning. 6. For tanks with large capacity, the temperature of general cleaning solution cannot exceed 45 degrees, otherwise the formed vacuum or large fluctuation of temperature will damage the tank of self-brewing beer equipment. No matter from what angle, the cleaning of self-brewed beer equipment is essential. Only by ensuring that the beer equipment is clean and tidy can the quality of self-brewed beer be guaranteed. The six cleaning tips for the self-brewed beer equipment introduced by the filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano have been explained here. After reading it, have you mastered the above methods, I have a deeper understanding of beer production equipment, and I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone. Want to know more details, pay more attention to our website dynamics, welcome everyone to visit and buy at any time. : Filling machine manufacturer
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