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Changes in market pattern of fine brewing beer industry

by:Trano     2020-02-26
Fine brewing culture promotes the rapid development of fine brewing beer in China and is favored by many high-end young consumers. At the same time, the consumption scene of brewed beer has begun to expand from bars to family and party scenes, and the home use of brewed beer has gradually become a new trend. Some insiders pointed out that with the expansion of consumption scenarios and the diversification of product categories and catering mix choices, fine-brewed beer is undergoing a positive self-change in the domestic market. With the change of consumption demand, the home of brewed beer has gradually turned to the style of 'civilian' and 'home'. In the consumption of brewed bars, in addition to brewed beer, consumers can also have more choices. In addition to changes in prices and consumption scenarios, the taste of brewed beer is slowly adapting to Chinese consumers. The survey of beer equipment manufacturers found that: 'Self-brewed beer can better control the malt degree and alcohol content, so as to better cater to the tastes of consumers. Imported beer is relatively strong and tastes heavy, and everyone reflects that the taste is not good. Therefore, we have also introduced self-brewed beer with relatively strong fruit flavor and low alcohol content to meet the needs of some consumers '. Consumer demand forces enterprises to transform. Since entering the domestic market, fine-brewed beer has always been high-end and personalized. The market positioning is mainly aimed at middle and high-end consumer groups with a certain economic level. As a result, the consumption scene and product structure of brewed beer are becoming increasingly high and cold. Coupled with the influence of high prices, it gradually breaks away from the mass market and becomes a niche product. With the continuous upgrading of consumption level, social sharing consumption will gradually change to family enjoyment consumption, which urges enterprises to provide more choices for consumers. In the vertical selection, fine brewing beer enterprises adjust the proportion of the structure, so that consumers in the fine Brewing bar to drink beer with a single model is gradually broken, it has formed a more diversified consumption pattern of dining options at present; In terms of horizontal selection, it is good to go to a bar, but there is also a demand for fine brewing in scenes such as families and parties. 'The consumption of home brewed beer will be the future trend, and more scenes will be presented for experience and tasting, which is a way for consumers and manufacturers to interact. This also shows that the industry segmentation is becoming more and more detailed, the quality of choice is getting higher and higher, and consumers pay more attention to brand and quality assurance '. With the continuous expansion of the fine brewing market, some industry problems have gradually emerged. For a long time, there is no strict and uniform industry standard for brewed beer, and the production process and quality control standards are uneven. As a result, the industry market is chaotic, the products are mixed, and the market awareness of some products is low, which has become an important factor directly hindering the healthy development of the brewed beer industry. Only by continuously improving consumers' recognition of fine brewing culture can a new consumption boom be driven. At present, brewed beer is still in the conceptual stage, and it needs to be promoted through marketing and consumer education. After maturity, consumers will have higher requirements for product quality. It can be predicted that fine-brewed beer will still be at the forefront of the growth of the industry. Enterprises need to take advantage of the positive industry development situation to continuously promote the upgrading of product structure and enhance the market competitiveness of products through cultural promotion, win the trust and recognition of more consumers through fresher and richer product supply.
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