Aluminum beverage cans are used for packing beer, soft drinks, craft beer, coffee, tea and new energy drinks etc...

Characteristics of Jinan Beer filling machine equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-25
Equipment features: ① using well-known brands of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, reliable performance and long service life. 2 high-strength stainless steel frame, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, meet the hygiene requirements 3 filling quantity and filling speed adjustment is simple, compatible with a variety of bottle types, a variety of capacity; (4) photoelectric intelligent identification, with bottle filling, no bottle filling function, PLC automatic control of feeding; ⑤ Frequency conversion speed regulation of conveyor belt, adjustable speed and speed of conveyor, automatic production statistics, convenient production management. 6 The filling head is equipped with a special leak-proof device, and there is no wire drawing and dripping phenomenon in the filling. Note: the filling range and speed can be designed according to the user's requirements. :
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