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Common problems with beer production equipment plus common sense!

by:Trano     2020-01-04
Beer is made from barley, water, hops and yeast starch. It is an alcoholic beverage with a wide audience. So, how to produce beer, how to choose beer production equipment and how to maintain the equipment? What are the common problems with beer production equipment? Beer manufacturing: beer manufacturing is mainly divided into three processes: malt manufacturing, beer brewing and canning. Malt Manufacturing of beer is to prepare materials for brewing, and the brewing process is complicated and important. After that, the beer is made through the canning operation. In order to make beer that can be exported or to produce beer in large quantities, it is necessary to choose high-end equipment and cooperate with production to improve the production efficiency. So, how to choose beer production equipment? The selection of beer production equipment with good quality is very important for the production of beer with good taste. For the selection of equipment, the material used in the equipment should be considered first, which is directly related to the service life of the equipment. There are many types of equipment, and the prices vary widely. Select the appropriate equipment according to the production needs. Understand the control system of production equipment. The difference between a complete production system is manual equipment or automatic equipment. Manual equipment requires a certain amount of manpower to support, suitable for self-brewing or small bars. Automation equipment saves manpower, high output, high efficiency and resources. Therefore, in terms of price, the difference between manual equipment and automatic equipment is relatively large. Before purchasing beer production equipment, it is necessary to understand the performance of the equipment. A good equipment performance can improve the efficiency of work and save resources. The technical level and equipment Level of beer production equipment are to a certain extent the embodiment of the production level. Equipment with high efficiency, relatively long service life and high reliability should be selected. The impact on the environment should be small and should be considered in combination with investment. Specifically, it can be considered from the material and configuration of the equipment. Material of beer production equipment: because it is the production of beer, the first choice is the anti-corrosion material, and stainless steel is the preferred material for manufacturing beer equipment. Different standards of stainless steel, brand and quality are different, the thickness is also different, so when selecting the material of the equipment, you should make a comprehensive choice. Configuration of beer production equipment: the system of the equipment should be perfect to meet the basic functional needs, such as the exhaust system, the exhaust pipe should be smooth, and it will be safe and convenient. The important auxiliary equipment in the production equipment also directly affects the quality of beer. In the choice, it can be selected according to the brand or customer's use experience. : Beer production equipment
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