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Control instructions for packaging machine

by:Trano     2020-02-20
Many friends don't know much about the control of packaging machines. By this opportunity, beer filling machine company will tell you about it, hoping to help you. 1. The multi-functional Chinese LCD screen can display the company name and telephone number of the packaging machinery manufacturer for 3 seconds each time it is turned on. In the working state, the quantity, length, speed and status of the package can be displayed. 2. Function key 3. Key (Adjustment plus & uarr; )4 ,-Key (Adjustment minus ↓)5. Exit key (Return to previous level) 6. Screw blanking switch 7, start/stop key 8, main motor inching key 9, length measuring key, detailed introduction of buttons of each part: 1. Start/Stop Key: when the main power supply of the packaging machine is connected, press the start/stop key, the system will enter the working state, and the main motor will also start to run at the same time, and the LCD status bar will display'Start'. Press the start/stop key again, the system stops working, and the LCD speed bar displays'Stop'. 2. Length measurement Key: Press the length measurement key, and the system will automatically measure the length of the two punctuation marks of the packaging film when the next host is running. ( The same cursor length of the packaging film can be measured once)3. Main inching key: press and hold the main inching key, the main motor is inching, but the system does not enter the working state, release the main inching key, the main motor stops. The following four keys, confirm- Exit is used to control the LCD menu to realize the setting of various functions. Here, the basic operation is briefly introduced, and more detailed contents are explained in the following specific function operation. Confirmation key: it has the functions of function selection, entry and confirmation. For example, press the confirmation key to enter the main menu, and use the key or- Key to move the cursor to a certain option and then confirm the key will enter the selected function item. When the adjustment is completed, press the exit key and the system will save the data you set. 5. Key: press in the menu at all levels, the key menu cursor will jump up one line, press it in the state of number adjustment, and add'1' , In the state of switch adjustment, it becomes'Open'Or'Guan'. (In'Stop' In the state, press the system to enter directly'Color code positioning'Function menu). 6. -Key: Press-in the menu at all levels- The key menu cursor will jump down one line and click-Key corresponding number minus'1' , In the state of switch adjustment, it becomes'Open'Or'Guan'. (In'Stop'In the state, press-The system directly enters'Auxiliary switch'Function menu). 7. Exit key: it has the function of returning to the previous menu and giving up. (In'Stop' In the state, press and exit for 2 seconds to make the bag stepping motor will move and run, and press the exit key for a long time to continue to move and run). Do you understand this chapter? For the control of packaging machines, the beer filling machine company first talked to everyone here, hoping that everyone will know more about our equipment.
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