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Craft beer collocation that better catering business?

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Craft beer market in recent years, more and more hot, craft beer can there are many kinds of operating mode, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. , and is a food and beverage management pattern is very broad. Craft beer can collocation of food that will get twice the result with half the effort, the business will be more and more prosperous, hao lu craft beer equipment manufacturer for everyone to look at the craft beer which catering business will be good collocation. A) Craft beer + hot pot on December 13, haidilao published research was reported, haidilao currently 700 stores in beer sales or up to 4. 3. 2 billion yuan. Can be understood as a good restaurant, with good beer! Hot pot with German type wheat beer: fruit combined with yeast aroma and wine present a cloud hazy feeling, fine white foam, full, smooth and its fresh; Hot pot collocation of barley beer: import barley and hops, mellow liquor body, low temperature fermentation to make more pure taste, rich layers of stay, crisp and refreshing. Imagine the irritable delicious hot pot on the bite, in a drink full-bodied beer that is a kind of what kind of taste, craft beer with hot pot that is a piece of my heart. 2) Craft beer + barbecue with hundreds of craft beer barbecue can get great satisfaction, let the taste buds that is standard on grill, no matter what age paragraph the consumers like it. Whether it's between friends, family members, the company dinner, think of is barbecue, such occasions without craft beer dynamic atmosphere how line? A night easily sold on several hundred catties, one thousand jins of pure beer is no problem. Sure have such collocation grill, can make the port must be a basin full of body. 3) Craft beer + hotel to hotel consumption is to the taste of food at the hotel has, only food can meet some friends to get-together, point some beer that is indispensable, point a craft beer in the delicious dishes on collocation, is really a perfect fit! Hotel a lot of the market now, consumer spending is a differentiation, you not only the delicious food, you not only in the wine bottled water bei, do you have taste mellow stay flavour is dye-in-the-wood craft, then you are better than the hotel. Craft beer, of course, can match the business model has a lot of, also need friends to mining, the above is small make up today to share all of the content, if you want to know more about the craft beer project can give us a message to your needs, hao lu beer equipment will provide you with professional service!
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