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【 Craft beer equipment manufacturer 】 When the beer saccharification equipment need to pay attention to?

by:Trano     2020-03-02
1, first of all, before crushing will malt crushing process into an open containers, sprinkling water on the surface of the malt, simultaneously stirring, until the malt is soaked but there is no water liquid deposition in the bottom of the container. 2, second check grinding roller of roller spacing, usually with a sieve measurement roller spacing ( If the condition is limited, to smash through part of the screen to determine degree of crushing whether can meet the requirements, if there were no screen that is only visual) 。 Crushing requirements is to achieve the process of crushing malt wheat skin ( Shell) Broken and not broken. Saccharification process 1, first of all, the most important thing is the temperature, PH, time step, the general process design is based on temperature and time of formation of the technology curve. ( Don't superstitious so-called step out sugar, protein must have a rest, extend the filter time can lead to mash melt oxidation, insufficient protein decomposition will greatly influence the foam of beer and bubble resistance) 。 2, secondly to pay attention to the temperature change of boiling, not high and low, stability, ensure the boiling intensity. 3, then there is stirring, stirring regulation must be gradually decline. Filtering process is the main problem is to pay attention to wash bad water temperature and plow knife and sieve plate distance, some winemakers in order to adapt to the equipment, using some or all of the wash in cold water is completely wrong. ( Is generally around 78 ℃ hot water) 。 On the other hand is to plow knife and sieve plate distance, he decided the filtering effect of wort. Distance high wort filtration slow easy cause oxidation, bad bad layer formation distance is too low, and the filtering effect is not good. Boil cyclotron we attention to boil boil time and strength as well as the timing of the hopping and add quantity. As for the cyclotron precipitation generally small craft beer equipment are not equipped with independent swirl sedimentation tank, starting into the wort to the end of the cyclotron precipitation wort cooling not more than 25 min, otherwise it will cause increased wort chromaticity, wort aging problem. Wort into the tank to control the wort cooling temperature ( Generally wort cooling temperature is slightly less than the main fermentation temperature, yeast to leave some startup time, better adapt to the new environment) ; To control wort sufficient oxygen, oxygen content of wort is to control the amount of main yeast fermentation stage to breed. Oxygen filling is too high, too much yeast breeding, violent reactions, the beer after the beer taste bad, flavor is too flat, also produced too many by-products, bring a lot of pressure to after the fermentation, mature for beer, died yeast autolysis release material also can cause many adverse factors of fermented liquid, such as lipid material results in the decrease of foam durability ( It is the result of lipid defoaming effect) , beer turbidity caused by yeast autolysis, partial index will also because of the yeast autolysis material rise, cause of indicators unqualified and so on. Effect on the amount of yeast added oxygen filling broadly, just increase the number of the yeast base company web site: tranogroup. com
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