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Introduction to the running speed of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-07
We often drink beer, especially when we are thirsty in the hot summer. It's really good to have a cool beer, but if you like beer, you may know that it is made of barley malt, however, it should not be so familiar with how beer is produced, especially in a series of mechanical equipment for beer production. Our beer is canned after the brewing number, so the beer filling machine is especially important. When the beer filling machine is running, it will involve a running speed, it is an important factor affecting the efficiency of beer production. Let's take a look at it now. At present, beer filling basically follows the following technological process: bottle feeding & rarr; Vacuuming & rarr; Charge carbon dioxide & rarr; Vacuuming & rarr; Charge carbon dioxide & rarr; Filling & rarr; Standing & rarr; Pressure Relief & rarr; The bottle mechanical valve and the electronic valve are the same in the process flow. In terms of time distribution, mechanical valves are generally distributed in the form of rotation angles because they control vacuumizing, inflating, opening and closing wine valves (Traditional mechanical valve only closed valve) And pressure relief and other actions of the slider or lever are placed on the control ring according to the size of the rotation angle, but in fact the size of these rotation angles is determined by time, it is the corresponding corner shown under the normal operating speed, and the technical data given by the manufacturer is still the time. When the rotation speed is lower than the normal operation speed, the completion time of the whole process will increase, whereas the overspeed operation time will be shortened. Therefore, overspeed operation of filling beer with mechanical valve may affect the filling quality, such as increasing oxygen enrichment and uneven liquid level, and even anti-bubble phenomenon. Because during overspeed operation, the control of all valves is completed by the slider or lever on the control ring, and the time for the wine valve to pass through the slider or lever is inevitably reduced, it will affect the filling quality of the whole filling process. The control of the electronic filling valve is controlled according to the timing, and the time for completing each process of the filling process remains unchanged when the rotating speed changes. If there is no speed limit in the program, overspeed will only affect the shortening of pressure relief time, that is, affect the last process and will not have any impact on the previous processes, such as evacuation and filling. The above problem about the running speed of the beer filling machine is clearly introduced by the manufacturer of the trano filling machine. When the filling valve is determined, the time for completing each segment of the filling process is also determined, unless there is a large margin for each segment when designing or giving technical data, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on the filling quality. Therefore, in order to improve the production efficiency, we should start with improving the whole line efficiency and Operation reliability, instead of increasing the rotating speed of the filling machine. I hope that the sharing of the above content will help you understand our industry and understand the products you consume. If you need a high quality beer filling machine, you are welcome to contact trano packaging equipment. : Beer filling machine
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