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Manufacturers of fine brewing beer equipment--The function and structure of the gelatinization pot

by:Trano     2020-02-26
Gelatinization Pot 1. Function: mix rice flour and part of malt flour with water and boil them, and use them to heat up saccharification mash to liquefy and gelatinize starch. II. Structure: The pot is cylindrical, the bottom of the pot is ball-shaped or ellipsoidal sandwich, the top cover is butterfly-shaped, the pot is equipped with a stirrer, the bottom of the pot is equipped with a heating device, and the outside of the pot is equipped with a thermal insulation layer. After crushing, the rice flour, malt flour and hot water are mixed well by the lower powder barrel and the water inlet pipe and then sent into the mash. With the help of the stirring of the rotary paddle, the concentration and temperature of the viscous mash are uniform, make the heavy particles in the mash suspend without settling to the wall of the pot to form the rice crust, and prevent the local overheating of the mash near the heat transfer surface. Why add accessories? Many people think that using low-cost and starch-rich cereals as auxiliary materials can improve the yield of wort and prepare cheap wort to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. In fact, this is only one of the reasons, and it is also because the content of protein and polyphenol substances that are easy to oxidize in auxiliary materials is obviously lower than that of malt, which is conducive to reducing the color of beer and improving the flavor of beer, improve the abiotic stability of beer. The gelatinization pot can also be seen in the brewery and school teaching. In the brewed beer industry, pure malt beer is used, so the gelatinization pot is not used. Company website: tranogroup. COM
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