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【Manufacturers of fine brewing beer equipment]What do you need to pay attention to when saccharification of beer equipment?

by:Trano     2020-02-28
First of all, put the malt into an open container before crushing, sprinkle water on the surface of the malt, and stir at the same time until all the malt is soaked but no water is deposited at the bottom of the container. 2. Secondly, check the roller spacing of the crushing roller, usually measuring the roller spacing with a sieve ruler ( If the conditions are limited, one part can be crushed first, and whether the degree of crushing can meet the requirements can be determined through the screen. If there is no screen, it can only be visually measured). The requirement of crushing is that malt reaches the crushing degree of the process, wheat Peel (Shell)Broken and not broken. Saccharification process 1. The first and most important thing is the temperature, PH and time of each step. The general process design is a process curve formed with temperature and time as the main line. ( Don't be superstitious about the so-called one-step sugar extraction method. Protein must rest. Prolonging the filtration time will lead to oxidation of mash, and insufficient protein decomposition will greatly affect the foam and foam retention of beer). 2, the second should pay attention to the temperature change of boiling, can not be high and low, to be stable, to ensure the boiling strength. 3. There is also the problem of stirring. The adjustment of stirring must be gradually increased and decreased. In the filtration process, the main problem is to pay attention to the temperature of the washing water and the distance between the ploughing knife and the sieve plate. In order to adapt to the equipment, some winemakers, it is totally wrong to use some or all cold water to wash the grains. (Generally, hot water at about 78 ℃ is used). On the other hand, the distance between the ploughing knife and the sieve plate determines the filtration effect of wort. If the distance is too high, the wort filtration is slow and easy to cause oxidation. If the distance is too low, the bad layer is not formed, and the filtration effect is not good. When boiling, we should pay attention to the boiling time and boiling intensity, as well as the timing and addition of hops. As for the cyclotron precipitation, the general small-sized craft beer equipment is not equipped with an independent cyclotron precipitation tank, and the wort should not be cooled for more than 25min From the time of entering the wort to the end of the cyclotron precipitation, otherwise the wort color will increase, wort aging and other issues. When the wort enters the tank, control the cooling temperature of the wort ( Generally, the cooling temperature of wort should be slightly lower than the main fermentation temperature, leaving some start-up time for yeast to better adapt to the new living environment); To control the amount of oxygen in the wort, the oxygen content of the wort is to control the amount of yeast reproduction in the main fermentation stage. If the oxygen is too high, the yeast will multiply too much, and the reaction will be intense. The beer brewed will have a bad taste and a weak flavor, and will also produce too many by-products, which will bring great pressure to the post-fermentation, for the maturation of beer, the substances released by yeast death and autolysis will also have many unfavorable factors on the fermentation broth, such as lipid substances leading to a decrease in foam persistence (This is due to the defoaming effect of lipids) , Beer turbidity caused by yeast autolysis, and some indexes will also lead to unqualified wine indexes due to the increase of autolysis substances in yeast. The effect of yeast addition on oxygenation is generally the same, but it only increases the number base of yeast. Company website: tranogroup. COM
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