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Measures for safe and clean management of beer production equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-12
In the production process of beer, the hygiene of the brewing process is a very important link. If the beer is polluted, it will affect the hygiene of the beer, thus affecting the taste of the beer, serious will also make beer sour, causing economic losses. In order to ensure a good production environment, it is very important to clean and sterilize the brewing equipment, and it is also an important method to manage the safety of beer production equipment. To produce good quality beer, it is very important to clean it. The purpose and function of cleaning equipment is to remove organic and inorganic substances of yeast coagulants on tank walls and pipelines. Prevent microbial or other contamination during beer production. For the purpose of sterilization, appropriate fungicides can be used to kill bacteria and prevent beer from being polluted and bred by bacteria, thus affecting the quality of beer. Regarding the safety management of beer production equipment, hygiene is the first. No matter what kind of equipment, we must first strictly control the quality of beer. The quality of fermentation equipment has a great impact on the quality of beer, it is a very basic requirement to be clean and sterile. At normal temperature, it can be rinsed with clear water, then it can be rinsed circularly with a certain cleaning solution, and then the detergent can be rinsed off with sterile water. One of the most important equipment in beer production equipment is the cooler. Generally, breweries need to wash the cooler with alkali, and the cleaning frequency needs to be arranged properly, the heat exchange between the cooling plates should be controlled to avoid affecting the cooling flow rate, which will change the quality. After cleaning, wash off the residual lye with clear water. Nowadays, food safety issues have attracted more and more attention. The safety of beer making equipment is related to the health of beer drinkers, cleaning and sterilization of beer production equipment are the key technical measures to improve the quality of beer production. In addition to the timely cleaning, disinfection and sterilization mentioned above, correct production technology and correct maintenance of equipment should also be adopted. Cleaning should remove the dirt on the tank and equipment as much as possible. If cleaning and sterilization are not complete, bacteria will remain. These pollutants remain on the inner wall of the equipment, causing the inner wall of the equipment to thicken and become rough, when washing, remove the biological colonies, otherwise it will easily cause re-contamination. Beer production equipment is the main tool for producing beer. Whether qualified beer can be produced and whether the quality and hygiene meet the standards is the key factor, only clean, hygienic and safe equipment can guarantee high-quality beer. : Beer making equipment
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