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Motion Simulation of filling mechanism of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-09
To say which kind of beer production equipment on the market now sells high, it is undoubtedly a beer filling machine. Now many beer equipment manufacturers are also studying filling machines, the following Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. , which specializes in the research and development, production and sales of beer manufacturing equipment, will introduce the motion simulation of the filling mechanism of the beer filling machine. The filling mechanism of beer filling machine adopts cam mechanism, which can complete the beverage filling task more accurately. Because the filling requires high precision and is more important in the whole beer filling machine, it is necessary to design the exterior contour and analyze the motion of the filling Cam. The software is used to simulate the motion law of the filling Cam for qualitative analysis. In the simulation, the basic working parameters of the beer filling machine are set as follows :(1)Container height h = 200; (2)Piston motion range s = 40mm; (3) The total length of push rod and piston is l = 105, and then the basic parameters of CAM are selected: ① radius of base circle r0 =; (2) roller radius rt = 0mm; (3) travel s =; 4 push angle & delta; 0 = 120 °; 5 Return angle & delta; = 120 °; 6 near the angle of repose & delta; 01 = 60 °; 7 far repose & delta; 02 = 60 °; ⑧ Lift maximum pressure angle αMax01 = 31. 454 °; ⑨ Return maximum pressure angle αMax02 = 31. 454 °; ⑩ The cycloid motion law without flexible impact and rigid impact is selected for the pushing and returning of Cam motion, and the static motion law is adopted for the far and near rest. As can be seen from the displacement line diagram of Fig. 6, the axis rotates 0~ 120 ° When the container bottle is in a static state and the cam is in a push state, the liquid filling can be completed; Rotate 120 ° on the axis~ 140 ° When the turntable rotates, the filled container bottle enters the next station, during which the piston is at the bottom of the liquid storage Cup and remains stationary, blocking the filling channel and preventing the liquid from flowing out. Rotating 240o ~ on the axis ~ At 360o, the turntable rotates, the next empty container bottle enters the filling station, the cam is in the return state, liquid filling is completed, and one cycle of work is completed. From the velocity chart and acceleration chart, it can be seen that the speed and acceleration change continuously, without flexible impact and rigid impact, and the movement is stable and fully meets the design requirements. The above content is the motion simulation design of the filling mechanism of the beer filling machine. You can refer to it when studying the beer filling machine. : Beer filling machine beer production equipment
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