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Once won the prize, it was very close to you-- Selection of hops

by:Trano     2019-12-15
As one of the four elements of beer, the importance of hops is no longer repeated. This time we mainly talk about the use and collocation of hops in different beer styles. In recent years, with the popularity of IPA, various kinds of three flowers, five flowers and seven flowers are popular, but in fact some hops are similar and repetitive, and even the characteristics of hops are completely independent of the beer style, for example, 'American hops for German wheat' and 'Czech hops for English bitter beer' have emerged one after another. If the wrong hops are used in the formal BJCP competition, even if the wine is done cleanly, it is difficult to get high marks, and even it is directly judged to be inconsistent. The following table is based on the recommendations of some foreign hops professional websites and the BJCP style guidelines ( For the domestic easy-to-buy hops translated into Chinese). Remember, the following are just references, not specifications, nor standards. Never be afraid to try when brewing non-BJCP competition wine! This is also the charm of self-made, freedom, unlimited possibilities, maybe you created a style that was included by BJCP. For hops, try to use the original package of the year, and use less subcontracting. During the period from April to each year, a large number of hops arrive at home, and there are more choices, if you don't have 28 grams of the original package, you can buy 1 pound of your own vacuum, freeze it at low temperature, and use it in the same year. The red part is beer style, and the black part is hops.
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