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Operation scheme of fresh beer filling machine

by:Trano     2019-12-15
1. Slowly open the filling machine into the wine valve, when the beer level rises to the upper part of the wine tank level gauge (More than 3/4) After the position, the automatic exhaust valve stops exhausting, the liquid level does not rise, and the gas-liquid pressure balance is reached. 2. Disinfect the pre-washed bucket. The steps are as follows: Open the hydrogen peroxide valve, after confirming that sufficient hydrogen peroxide has been configured in the hydrogen peroxide tank, Open the flushing pump for flushing and disinfection, and put the sterilized bucket on the workbench. 3. Place the sterilized barrel on the barrel support of the filling machine and start filling. During the filling process, check the liquid level and carbon dioxide pressure of the wine tank at any time to keep the liquid level stable. 4. Remove the filled barrel from the filling machine in turn, and immediately screw the cap on the barrel to which the quantity is measured, and refill the barrel with a small quantity. Use water to wash off the beer residue and put it into the box. 5. After filling a batch, start labeling (The production date should be covered before the label is posted). 6. After completing the filling task on the same day, the inside of the filling machine (Wine inlet pipe, wine jar, wine valve)Rinse clean. The steps are as follows: open the tap water valve, open the filling machine after the wine tank is filled with water, and fill it with 10 empty barrels in turn until the filled water has no wine foam, and close the tap water valve, wipe the outside of the filling machine clean. :
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