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Quantitative method of filling machine

by:Trano     2020-03-01
Accurate quantitative filling of products not only involves the cost, but also affects the reputation of products in the minds of consumers. The liquid material is generally quantified by volume and weight. The volume quantification includes the control liquid level height quantification method, the quantitative Cup quantification method and the quantitative pump quantification method, and the weight quantification generally adopts the electronic metering method. The method of controlling the height of liquid level is to achieve quantitative filling by controlling the height of the liquid level in the filled container. The volume of liquid material filled in each time is equal to the volume of the inner cavity of the bottle at a certain height, so it is also called'Quantitative by bottle'. The method is relatively simple in structure, does not need auxiliary equipment, and is convenient to use, but it is not suitable for products requiring high quantitative accuracy, because the volume accuracy of the bottle directly affects the accuracy of the filling quantity. Its working principle is that when the filling is started, the packing container rises and lifts up the rubber pad, so that there is a gap between the sliding sleeve and the filling head, the liquid flows into the bottle, and the original gas in the bottle is discharged from the exhaust pipe to the liquid storage tank, when the liquid in the bottle reaches the section of the exhaust pipe nozzle, the gas can no longer be discharged. As the liquid material continues to pour in, the liquid level exceeds the exhaust pipe nozzle, the gas in the bottle is compressed and the pressure increases. Once the pressure is balanced, the liquid material will not enter into the bottle any more and will rise along the exhaust pipe. According to the principle of the connector, it will rise to the level of liquid in the storage tank until the bottle drops, and the compression spring will ensure that the filling celebration and sliding suite will be closed again, the liquid material in the exhaust pipe flows into the bottle to complete a quantitative filling. As long as the operating conditions remain unchanged, the height of the liquid filled in the bottle each time remains unchanged. To change the filling quantity, just adjust the height position of the exhaust pipe into the bottle.
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