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Safety and Health Management of baiguan self-brewing beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-19
The beer production equipment company reminds you that the hygiene management of the equipment is a very critical link in the process of producing beer. After beer is polluted, it will lead to poor taste of beer, serious deterioration of beer and economic losses. In order to ensure a good production environment, cleaning and sterilization of brewing equipment are essential. Sanitation of saccharification equipment: at normal temperature, pre-rinse with clear water for 10 min; Then configure 1% ~ 2% sodium hydroxide solution, heated to 80 ~ CIP cycle at 85 °c for 30 min; Next use 90 ~ 95 ° C hot water for CIP cycle 30 ~ 40 min. Hygiene of fermentation equipment: the sanitary condition of fermentation tank has a great influence on the quality of beer. Cleaning and sterility are the most basic requirements of fermentation tank. Rinse directly with water at room temperature; Then configure 2% ~ 4% alkali solution, heated to 80 ~ Perform CIP cycle at 85 °c for 30 min; Then rinse with water 5 ~ 10 min, then configure 1% ~ 2% nitric acid or sulfuric acid solution is cycled for 30min at normal temperature; Rinse with water 5 ~ 10 min, 0. 35% ~ 0. The 5% bactericide was subjected to CIP cycle for 30 min, and finally washed with sterile water to remove the residual bactericide. The purpose and function of cleaning self-brewed beer equipment is to remove inorganic substances and organic substances such as yeast, hops resin, protein coagulants, tartrate, oxalate, carbonate, etc. on the walls of pipelines and tanks, prevent non-biological pollution in beer production process; The purpose and function of sterilization is to use appropriate fungicides to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi and prevent biological pollution in beer production. The above is the detailed introduction of the beer production equipment company, I hope to help everyone! : Beer production equipment company
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