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Self-brewed beer equipment three-device saccharification Equipment Introduction (On)

by:Trano     2020-02-26
According to years of equipment manufacturing experience, the manufacturer of self-brewed beer equipment continues to share the three-vessel saccharification system with everyone, and the editor has already shared the two-vessel saccharification system (Click to view). The three-vessel saccharification system is divided into three-vessel two-body and three-vessel three-body. This article only introduces the two-vessel three-vessel saccharification system, three-vessel two-body equipment: generally, it is a boiling pot, saccharification filter tank, rotary sink, the filter rotary sink actually consists of two layers of structure, the upper layer is the filter tank, the lower layer is the rotary sink, which is common in beer houses and restaurants. The advantages of saccharification system combined with three-vessel type: ① compared with the three-body three-vessel saccharification system, the whole system is more compact and the relative occupied area is small. (2) the filter tank and the rotary sedimentation tank are separated up and down. Wort can be naturally filtered by gravity, with fast filtration and high clarity of wort. Even if the operation is wrong, there will be no phenomenon such as sieve plate deformation caused by the compaction of the grain layer. ③ The heating area of the steam jacket of the boiling pot is generally very large, and the heating speed is fast. ④ The Rotary sinking groove is designed as a vertical cylindrical groove, because it is a special rotary sinking groove, and the rotary sinking mouth is designed as a tangent rotary sinking mouth, so the separation effect between distiller's grains and thermal solidification is better. 5 When the wort is filtered, the boiling pot can prepare the washing water, and the washing can be carried out at the same time of filtration, which can shorten the saccharification time by 30- 50 minutes, the utilization rate is higher than that of the two-vessel saccharification system. ⑥ Generally, 2 batches can be brewed in one day. If you consider staying up late to work overtime, you can brew 3-a day- 4 batches, in the peak period of beer sales, can brew more wine in the shortest time. Everything has two sides, and its main disadvantages are: ① the equipment is generally higher than the traditional saccharification equipment and has certain requirements for the height of the site; (2) the equipment investment is higher than that of the traditional saccharification two-vessel equipment, and the saccharification volume of the combined three-vessel equipment is limited.
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