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Structural characteristics of beer production equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-04
China is a big country that produces beer equipment, and the demand for beer production equipment is increasing in the current market. This paper mainly introduces the classification of beer equipment filling lines, the structural characteristics of beer fermentation tanks, let's take a detailed look at the following: 1. Classification of filling lines for barreled beer equipment 1. Basic barreled lines. The basic barrel line includes barrel stopper, barrel puller, cleaning filling machine, conveyor and other equipment. The filling process is to manually clean the outer surface of the recycled beer barrel, place the empty barrel on the conveyor, and the barrel stopper automatically releases the barrels one by one, after the beer barrel is dialed into the barrel cleaning filling machine, the barrel cleaning, sterilization, filling and other processes are automatically started. After the beer barrel is filled, the barrel is manually removed from the conveyor and manually weighed, after passing the factory. This filling line is a semi-automatic production, and there is a lot of work to be done manually. 2, standard barrel line. In addition to the necessary equipment on the basic barrel line, the standard barrel line has added a barrel cleaning machine, weighing device, sliding guide rail and buffer table. Compared with the basic filling line, the beer barrel can be fully cleaned externally, the beer barrel loaded after drinking can be automatically weighed, the weight can be automatically displayed, and the beer barrel with insufficient weight can be automatically removed. 3, fully automatic barrel line. The full-automatic barrel line only needs to use a forklift to send the tray with empty beer barrels to the stacker, and transport the tray with full barrels from the stacker, and all other processes are automated. A complete set of full-automatic barrel filling lines includes: unloading palletizer, conveyor unit, uncovering device, barrel washing machine, Tipper, pre-cleaning machine, barrel cleaning filling machine, weighing device, Tipper, capping machine and instantaneous sterilization device. This filling line is completely automated and can greatly improve work efficiency. Second, the structural characteristics of beer equipment fermentation tanks. Beer has a history of more than 6000 years. It has gradually changed since it was introduced into China in. There are many types of beer equipment fermentation tanks, in order to increase the output of beer producing countries in the world and reduce investment, on the basis of traditional technology, large-scale open-air cone-bottom fermenters have been widely used, which is what we usually call cone fermenters. At present, most breweries in our country adopt conical fermenter. The following is a description of the structural characteristics of the beer equipment fermentation tank: 1. It has a cone bottom, and it is more convenient to recover yeast after the main fermentation is completed. The yeast strain used should have good cohesiveness. Cone bottom angle is more than 60 °~ 90 °Between 70 °For the best, it is conducive to yeast sedimentation and emission. 2. The tank body is equipped with cooling interlayer or coil, and the cooling capacity can meet the requirements of process cooling. The cylinder part of the tank is set 2 ~ Three sections of cooling jacket, and the cone part is tilted to one section of cooling jacket, which is beneficial to the settlement of yeast and can keep good yeast activity during reuse. 3. The conical tank is sealed. It can recover carbon dioxide and wash carbon dioxide at the same time; It can be used as a fermentation tank or as a wine storage tank. 4. The convection intensity of liquor in the tank is related to the tank height, tank shape, capacity and cooling system. The conical fermentation tank has a considerable height, so the natural convection of the liquor in the tank is relatively strong. The height of fermentation broth in conical fermentation tank is generally not more than 15 m, and the diameter-to-height ratio is 1: 3 ~ 1:5 is appropriate. If the height of the conical fermentor is too large and the convection of the fermentation broth is too strong, stirring fermentation is easy to form, which affects the activity and normal metabolism of yeast. 5, the capacity of the conical fermentation tank can be large or small, only 10 ~ 100 t, the big one can reach 1500 t. The capacity of domestic conical fermentation tanks is mostly 100 ~ Between 500 t. 6. In order to reduce the construction cost, the conical fermentation tank is mostly placed in the open air, so the fermentation tank has a good thermal insulation layer. Commonly used insulation materials are polyurethane, the thickness of the insulation layer is 15 ~ Natural 20 cm. The above is the beer production equipment, the classification of the barrel beer equipment filling line and the structural characteristics of the beer equipment fermentation tank. Everyone should understand it. I hope our introduction will help you. : Beer production equipment
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