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Structural principle and workflow analysis of trano mechanical particle filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-19
Trano machinery's particle filling machine is a product that is reformed and innovatively designed on the basis of advanced filling machine technology. Its structure is simple, high and its operation is simpler. The filling stuffy head adopts anti-wire drawing and lifting filling device. The filling valve is controlled by pneumatic valve, and the filling precision is higher. The filling quantity and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. The machine has reasonable design, small size and vertical structure, saving space and convenient operation. Usually the application of the filling machine and other machines together to complete the whole process, such as: sealing machine, automatic labeling machine, etc. Filling of particulate solids is easier than liquid. How does trano machinery's particle filling machine work? The machine that fills the products into the packaging container according to the predetermined quality becomes a weighing filling machine. In the filling process, the filling machine can weigh out products of predetermined quality and then fill them into the packaging container. For products that are easy to agglomerate or stick, such as brown sugar, the product can be weighed together with the packaging container in the process of skyrocketing. Trano machinery's particle filling machine adopts zui's advanced touch screen and touch pad at home and abroad. By connecting with PLC, the equipment has the functions of automatic display of running instantaneous state, automatic inspection of working state, automatic fault search, display, alarm and time-limited parking, in order to ensure production safety and product quality, the particle filling machine is suitable for small bag packaging in medicine, food, chemical industry, pesticide, etc. Characteristics of particle filling machine: the high-speed and precision Cam indexing mechanism produced is much smaller than that of the sheave indexing mechanism used in similar domestic products, with high indexing precision, good high-speed performance and stable operation, self-locking during positioning, compact structure and low noise, so that the product has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and large output. Using programmable controller as the core of automatic control, the control system is computerized and automated, thus greatly reducing discrete control components and improving the reliability of the control system.
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