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What are the advantages of multi-head multi-pump filling machine?

by:Trano     2020-02-25
What are the advantages of multi-head multi-pump filling machine? Do friends understand? This chapter beer filling machine company to tell you, I hope you know more about this equipment. 1. Multi-head multi-pump filling machine adopts one pump at one head, which is controlled separately and with single frequency converter for speed regulation. It overcomes the phenomenon of uneven distribution, and is convenient, intuitive and accurate to adjust. 2. Variable frequency speed regulation can be realized on the touch screen, with digital display, intuitive and convenient. When the voltage is too low and the current is too large, the inverter will protect itself. 3. The one head, one pump and one frequency conversion method adopted by the multi-head multi-pump filling machine are all independently controlled. On the touch screen, any filling head can be opened and closed at will. If there is a fault in. Just shut it down and can continue production. The loss has been greatly reduced. 4. The multi-head multi-pump filling machine adopts an integrated stainless steel pump. More in line with the national health requirements. 5. The filling nozzle is a national patent product, and the patent winner is Dongtai machinery, which has unique double drip prevention. The filling nozzle has fine design and short stroke, and also improves the filling speed of the whole line, easy to adjust. In this chapter, the beer filling machine company will talk to you first. I hope that we can help you in this Chapter. We are talking another day. Here, the beer filling machine manufacturer wishes everyone a happy double Festival!
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