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What are the characteristics of beer filling machine?

by:Trano     2020-02-17
With the continuous development of automation equipment, automation-related machinery and equipment have sprung up, and beer filling machines are especially popular in large automation equipment series. So, what are the characteristics of a good beer filling machine? 1, beer barrel filling machine for the whole process of automatic control, automatic completion of filling, CO2 pressure preparation and other work. All control parameters (Time value)Non-shutdown adjustment can be performed. 2, double station filling, two stations have independent control system. 3. Beer barrel filling machine has the function of counting the number of barrels. 4. Barrels with different capacities can be directly replaced without modifying any parameters. 5, the use of oxygen filling technology, to ensure the pure taste of beer. 6, the use of equal pressure filling, pressure holding system performance is stable and reliable, in similar products, the lowest wine loss 7, beer barrel filling machine with its own pipeline cleaning, sterilization function, the operation process is simple. 8. The beer barrel filling machine can realize the filling of well-type and plate-type beer barrels by replacing the wine injection head. 9. Beer barrel filling machine adopts multi-head and multi-pump filling technology, with perfect unity of speed and precision. With the progress of filling technology, more beer filling equipment has been used in production, and beer filling equipment technology has also made great breakthroughs. In the era of liquid filling machinery, beer filling machine has outstanding characteristics and production capacity, and will be attracted by the market!
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