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What if the beer production equipment is not saccharified?

by:Trano     2020-01-03
With the current economic adjustment and development, there is neither electricity nor coal in the brewing process of beer production equipment. How can we deal with the mash that has been saccharified? Saccharification of hotel beer equipment during power failure: after power failure, the stirring motor cannot be started and the wort cannot be delivered by pump. At this time, the heated steam valve should be adjusted, organize manpower to stir with clean wood pulp and wood board, but pay attention to cutting off the power supply of the stirring Motor first to prevent accidents after incoming calls. Another a kind of methods is with direct steam heating that is with a root apex of for porous spherical of long tube a industry-university-research pick up clean of steam will porous spherical insert mash liquid in, when steam is sprayed from the small hole, it not only plays a role in stirring, but also plays a role in heating until the liquid is boiled. Saccharification of hotel beer equipment when stopping steam: stopping steam cannot heat mash. In order to prevent rancidity of mash or starch electrification, some emergency measures can be taken. If the temperature of the liquid is below 70 degrees Celsius, high temperature water can be added to the gelatinization pot to raise the temperature of the liquid to 70- For heat preservation and liquefaction at 72 degrees Celsius, some malt powder can be properly input, or a certain amount of malt mash can be added from the saccharification pot pump to enhance the liquefaction capacity. The additional enzyme method refers to the amount of malt less than 50%, generally 20%-30%. Using some barley, rice or corn double auxiliary materials, an appropriate amount of enzyme preparation can be added to the saccharification pot or gelatinization pot to speed up the decomposition effect and prepare wort. This method can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials, and the quality of beer produced is similar to that of normal beer. Using the method of adding enzyme saccharification, under the condition of good malt quality, the use ratio of auxiliary materials can be further increased, the primary production cost can be reduced, and the utilization rate of raw materials can be improved; Under the condition of poor malt quality, adding enzyme preparation to replace malt as the liquefaction enzyme source of auxiliary materials can improve the saccharification effect and the composition of wort. Barley crushing method, some use 50 degrees Celsius hot water immersion 10- After 20 minutes of water absorption of about 25%, wet crushing is carried out. Some use roller-type crushing, barley grains are squashed, cracked, the wheat skin is basically complete and not broken, and the thickness of the powder is appropriate. People have to use rice grinders to peel first and then crush moderately. Using barley instead of malt should add glucanase, amylase and proteolytic enzyme to ensure the normal saccharification. The method of adding enzyme preparation is; After the saccharification pot and the gelatinization pot are filled with water, the enzyme preparation is added to the saccharification pot in a flash while stirring. After the addition is completed, the stirring is continued for several minutes, and then the material is discharged. After saccharification, malt filtration is completed within 120min to meet the requirements. The above is the method of beer production equipment without saccharification introduced for everyone. I hope it can help you through the above introduction. Our company has a large production and processing workshop and many advanced processing equipment, which provides reliable guarantee for the manufacturing accuracy and stability of beer equipment and filling equipment. : Beer production equipment
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