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Characteristics and technological process of fruit juice beverage filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-19
Characteristics and process flow of juice beverage filling machine, Equipment Characteristics 1, man-machine interface, directly set the filling quantity; 2. PLC program control, inverter speed regulation straight line filling; 3, high precision volumetric flowmeter, quantitative and reliable; 4, mechanical seal plus vacuum suction double anti-drip; 5, first fast and then slow double flow rate filling; 6. Equipped with touch screen, frequency conversion speed regulating conveyor belt 8 m, automatic induction capping machine and vacuum anti-drip device. 7. The filling machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment and easy operation. The process of juice beverage filling machine is generally: the boxes with empty bottles are stacked on the tray, and the conveyor belt is sent to the unloader, and the trays are unloaded one by one. The boxes are sent to the unloader with the conveyor belt, take the empty bottle out of the box, and the empty box is sent to the washing machine through the conveyor belt. After cleaning, it is sent to the packing machine, so that the bottle containing the beverage can be loaded into it. The empty bottles taken out from the unloader are sent to the bottle washing machine by another conveyor belt for disinfection and cleaning. After being inspected by the bottle inspection machine, they meet the cleaning standards and then enter the filling machine and capping machine. The beverage is loaded into the bottle by the filling machine. The bottles filled with the beverage are sealed by the capping machine and transported to the labeling machine for labeling. After labeling, they are sent to the packing machine and loaded into the box, and then sent to the stacking tray machine, stacked on the tray, and sent to the warehouse.
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