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Operation instructions of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-15
Before using the beer filling machine, it is very important to understand the operation instructions of the beer filling machine, which is related to the quality of the filling beer and the efficiency of the filling, next, I 'd like to introduce the operation instructions of beer filling machine! The operation and use of the beer filling machine: 1. Turn on the power supply, start the refrigeration, and when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, about 2. Wine can be placed in 5 hours; 2. Connect the distributor to the barrel, open the valve of the carbon dioxide cylinder, and adjust the outlet pressure of the carbon dioxide pressure gauge to 0. About 2 MPA, the brewery has the requirements to adjust according to the requirements; 3. After the pressure is adjusted, press the handle of the dispenser, open the faucet and start to put the wine. Please do not drink the first Cup, let the wine rinse the wine tube; 4. When the wine is placed, the cup mouth is inclined to the tap, and the inner wall of the cup is close to the tap outlet to let the beer flow down along the Cup Wall. When the capacity of liquor reaches about 3/4 of the Cup, the cup is flattened to form perfect foam, when the amount of foam is not enough, the faucet handle can be pushed back to generate foam. Precautions for operation and use of beer filling machine: 1. This machine is set without power supply, and the normal air supply is 4- 6kg 2. If overflow occurs in the injection nozzle, press the safety emergency stop switch to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop. 3. When removing and washing the beer filling machine, the machine body shall not be directly washed with water. 4. The circuit of this machine is simple and shall not be unplugged at will. 5. When the cylinder ejection cannot be returned due to improper operation, please press this button to reset it. The above is the detailed description of the operation and use of the beer filling machine. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, please keep in mind the operation and use of the above filling equipment!
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