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Small details in the use of fine beer equipment perfectly improve the quality of fine beer

by:Trano     2020-02-26
In the fine brewing circle, there is a saying: 'Once the fine brewing is deep like the sea, the industrial beer is a passerby '. In fact, it is true that when consumers are used to drinking mellow and full, fragrant and full of style brewed beer, they will certainly have no interest in tasting boring industrial beer. In recent years, brewed beer has become more and more popular in our country, especially among young consumers. Not only that, brewed beer has won the favor of more and more female consumers with its unique taste. Due to the huge consumption potential of domestic refined beer market, beer processing enterprises or other industries are continuously attracted to enter the market. As the saying goes, 'there are more monks than less', which means that the current domestic consumption of fine brewed beer accounts for less than 1 percent of the total market share, so many capitals have settled in one after another, which undoubtedly intensifies the competition in the industry. In this regard, the industry said that in order to gain more market share in the domestic brewed beer market competition, the flavor, taste and product diversification are very important. Refined beer, as its name implies, focuses on the word 'refined beer'. It mainly uses malt, hops, yeast, water and other materials for processing, does not add any artificial additives, and passes through the refined fermentation tank at the same time, it can fully retain the wheat flavor of beer. The brewed beer has white and delicate foam, rich wheat flavor, rich layering, unique flavor, mellow taste and higher nutritional value. Xiao Bian learned that the fermentation quality of a good brewed beer is very important. In the fermentation process, how to accurately control the temperature and prevent the entry of bacteria air plays a vital role in ensuring the fermentation quality of brewed beer. For example, the control of fatty acid oxidase in the feeding process. It is understood that the lower the activity of fatty acid oxidase, the less easily wort and brewed beer are oxidized, and the more stable the taste. The data show that the higher the feeding temperature, the lower the fatty acid oxidase activity. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature in the feeding process! In terms of improving the color value of brewed beer, it is often said that foam improvement technology. Xiao Bian also specially consulted the gold winemaker of haolu beer, who said that when using beer equipment, if the feeding temperature is higher, the foam in brewed beer can be improved. This is caused by high molecular nitrogen, such as the bubble protein, collagen protein and viscous substances that form the foam play a decisive role in the foam and promote the formation of the foam. As the new generation of consumer groups occupy the main market of brewed beer, they are more inclined to the flavor and taste of products and the diversification of products. Therefore, in the face of fierce market competition, haolu beer equipment Gold Medal winemakers regard taste diversification as a breaking point and find a 'way out' for enterprises '. With the help of haolu beer equipment, it can not only retain the flavor and taste of the product, but also create product diversification, promote quality improvement, and enable consumers to easily drink fine brewing! According to the introduction of professionals, choosing haolu beer equipment not only has an average of 10 years of industry experience, but also has Expert winemakers teaching hand in hand, and has the support of the 12th headquarters to protect you. If you also want to make a big business in the market of brewed beer, haolu beer equipment is your rare good partner! Choose haolu beer equipment, big brands are trustworthy! Will you live up to your expectations. Company website: tranogroup. COM
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