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What are the common problems of filling machines and how to solve them?

by:Trano     2019-12-21
Filling machinery is one of the essential mechanical equipment for enterprises to realize automatic production. As the name implies, filling machinery is to transfer products (Material) Into a specific container, but when it fails in operation. How should we deal with it? Let's summarize how frequently encountered problems should be solved quickly and efficiently. One. abnormal noise occurs during the use of the filling machine. Answer: the cause of the noise may be the lack of lubricating oil or the loosening of the screws, causing the parts to shift. If the above is normal, it may be that the mechanical use time is too long, serious wear and tear of parts. 2. The filling machine suddenly does not work? Answer: Since the power supply is not connected or there is no air pressure problem, check the power supply and air source to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Three. Filling machine quantity and filling quantity are not allowed? Answer: The quantification is not allowed because there are sundries at the entrance or inside the trough to block the filling channel. The solution is to clean the channel; The filling quantity is not allowed to close the ball valve above the small filling head again or increase the filling quantity, and set the time again to slow down the filling speed. 4. How to make the filling machine last longer? Answer: The best way to avoid mechanical failure is to check frequently to prevent loose screws and fasteners, and to replace mechanical seals frequently to prevent problems before they occur. :
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