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Analysis on common faults and solutions of pop can filling machine

by:Trano     2019-12-26
How much do you know about pop can filling machines? Any equipment will have some problems after it has been used for a long time, and the beer filling machine is no exception. Do you know the common problems and solutions of the filling machine? Below, follow the beer production equipment factory Shandong trano to go to the following to understand. Four common faults and solutions are as follows: 1. After starting up, the LCD screen of the display controller has no display. Cause of failure: whether the power socket has electricity; Whether the power plug is off; The fuse is loose or blown. Troubleshooting: Re-plug the plug; Reinstall or replace the fuse; Note that fuses must be selected according to the requirements in the specification. Note: Check and determine what causes the fuse to be blown. 2. After the beer production equipment factory tells everyone to turn on the machine, the display screen shows correctly and the indication is in operation, but the pump wheel does not turn. Cause of failure: the roller in the pump head is stuck; No Bottle Stop line is not connected or the level is wrong; The drive circuit board is broken. Troubleshooting: install the pump head as required; Connect the bottle-free filling line and make the level correct; Check the circuit board problem. Note: the maintenance of circuit boards is carried out by suppliers or companies. 3. When the beer filling machine works, the hose slides to one side with the roller. Cause of failure: the hose is not fixed properly. Troubleshooting: connect the hose with a three-way connection and hang it on the fixing screw or use a pipe card. 4. The pump wheel rotates, but the liquid cannot be transported. Cause of failure: the hose is not pressed in place; The hose is damaged and leaked. Troubleshooting: adjust the adjusting screw on the pump head cover; Replace the new hose. These are the common faults and solving skills of four kinds of pop can filling machines introduced by Shandong trano, a beer production equipment factory. I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone, it is recommended that you regularly repair and maintain the beer filling machine to extend its service life. If you are interested in our products, please call the website hotline for communication and negotiation. : Beer filling machine
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