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Baiguan beer barrel cleaning machine 8 advantages are popular

by:Trano     2019-12-19
The progress of science and technology has promoted the forward development of various social Industries. The application of beer barrel cleaning machines is the product of scientific and technological progress, effectively improving work efficiency, the 8 advantages of trano beer barrel cleaning machine are even more lovable, and people can't stop! 1. The control unit of beer barrel cleaning machine adopts German Siemens LOGO! Carry out automatic control of the whole process, automatically complete all work such as cleaning, disinfection and C02 standby pressure. All control parameters (Time value)Non-stop adjustments can be made. 2. The specifications of the commonly used barrels can be fixed on the selector switch to achieve rapid conversion of different capacities. 3. It has the function of C02 pressure preparation, and it is skillful in the delicious taste of the beer after filling. 4. Disinfectant water is recycled to save water. 5. Beer production equipment-- The water tank and alkali water tank have heating function and real-time temperature display. 6. Use hot water to clean and configure steam sterilization function. Yes. The cleaning of the well-type wine or the plate-type wine can be realized by replacing the cleaning head. 8. The main components of the beer barrel cleaning machine are all international * products with reliable quality. The quality of trano beer barrel cleaning machine is very reliable and is deeply trusted by many beer manufacturers, and the service is also very considerate. It is precisely because of high-quality products and good service that trano's glory in the market is created! : Beer barrel cleaning machine
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