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Beer barrel cleaning machine operation should pay attention to these aspects emphatically

by:Trano     2021-03-01

the advantages of beer barrel cleaning can achieve high efficiency, the use effect of beer barrel in favour of late. In the operation can do the operation of production line type, late in order to ensure a good cleaning effect. Now use the cleaning machine is mainly used in some large manufacturers, is conducive to good effect. Then introduce beer barrel cleaning machine operation for everybody should focus on some aspects!

  1 . Regularly check the advantages of beer barrel piping connection of clamp, please immediately when loose fastening, when operating, do not fall off.
  2 . Filter tube before use check whether compared. in clean, avoid wound rupture caused by outside force caused by liquid overflow.
  3 . After installation of equipment, all equipment are in need of ground wire, confirm the ground clean.
  4 . Every time they open pump check valve in the pipeline in the correct opening and closing state, avoid pipeline, to avoid suffocation hose system pressure was too high.
  5 . Don't stand up sharply when squatting under fermentation tank operation. To avoid touch the wine first.
  6 . In order to prevent leakage caused the risk of electric shock, please check the connection of the heating tube.
  7 . Need to thread the heating tube wiring terminal, nasal connection, connection is firm.
  8 . Hose connection to the joint, clamp will card on the connecting head card slot. Ensure that the connection of tighten.
  9 . Cleaning machine starting moment, people need to leave the equipment at arm's length.
  10 . Regularly check whether the heating pipe terminal screw is loose, if loosen, please tighten immediately, in order to avoid poor contact danger caused by fire.
  11 . Rotating groove before cleaning, be sure to empty the pressure inside the tank after MAO clear wine, liquor MAO avoid groove in the pressure was too high jump threat to security of person.
  12 . Operation check heating tube problem is overheating, immediately cut off power when overheating replace the quad.
  13 . All of a sudden power failure, in order to prevent sudden call accidental damage, please close all piping valves, electrical switches.
  14 . When boiled, operators need to observe the pot of boiling state often, lest the wort overflow.
  15 . Valve is opened, please will export towards people, prevent mash or hot alkali to the people.

that's beer barrel cleaning machine operation should focus on some aspects, in the choice in order to guarantee good results when using, need to do each step is complete, timely to meet some emergency should also pay attention to the good, can not affect the use of whole effect.

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