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Beer barrel filling machine industry is the most widely used

by:Trano     2020-01-09
The use process of beer filling machine: automatic input and output track system, automatic material conveying system, filtration system, automatic filling metering system, air and ground operation channel, control system, etc; Automatic barrel entry-Automatic peeling-Into the bucket to find the mouth-Automatic descent-Quick Canning-Slow precision Canning-Automatic rise at the end of Canning-Repeat the barrel-Four barrels of canned end-Automatic barrel-The new empty bucket automatically goes to the filling position. Advantages of beer filling machine products beer barrel filling machine has fast speed and wide application range. The filling head adopts fast and slow double-speed filling, which can effectively improve the filling speed, save costs and reduce the working pressure of workers; Due to the weighing design, it is suitable for filling round, square, flat and various calibers, with high degree of automation. The system adopts PLC automatic control system of international famous brand, with automatic and manual modes, it can also set and store more than 30 sets of recipes, greatly improving efficiency and facilitating production data management. High filling precision, high intelligence, using internationally renowned Mettler- Toledo's weighing sensor can achieve a weighing platform accuracy of more than two thousandths to ensure filling accuracy; Equipped with automatic control instruments to realize automatic feeding; With automatic reset of startup, automatic correction of weight error, power-off protection, fault detection function, misoperation to restore factory settings and other functions, the intelligent advantage is obvious. Excellent environmental protection index and safety beer barrel filling machine adopts pipeline connection for filling and feeding, with less solvent volatilization and good site environment; The filling head can be designed in a belt lifting form for easy foaming materials. Working principle, the automatic control instrument receives the weight signal given by the weighing sensor and controls the opening of the feed valve (0-90 degrees)To achieve the purpose of automatic filling; Whether the filling head has lifting function can be designed according to the material characteristics. Process: manual tray (Contains empty barrels)To the power transmission track (Empty bucket, can design multiple storage spaces). The filling area gives a signal to automatically move the empty bucket tray to the filling area. Manually move the gate, move to the barrel mouth, position, start the filling signal, the controller automatically monitors, feeds back the control signal, and controls through the solenoid valve according to the control signal, the filling valve realizes the control of large, small and cut-off flow. (The gate lifting control can be designed according to the material characteristics. ) The filled barrel is automatically moved to the next stage of power delivery track (Finished product, can design multiple storage spaces) The forklift moves the finished pallet to the finished warehouse for storage for delivery. Multifunctional automatic beer filling machine should meet the market demand. The development and changes of beer filling machine drive the rapid development of beer filling machine market. This development not only brings opportunities to filling machine manufacturers, but also brings competition and challenges. In the future 3- The 5-year beverage market will develop low-sugar or sugar-free beverages while developing existing products such as fruit juice, tea, bottled drinking water, functional beverages and carbonated beverages, as well as pure natural, milk-containing and other healthy beverages. The development trend of products will further promote the differentiated development of beer filling machines. : Beer filling machine
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