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Beer barrel manufacturers introduce the production

by:Trano     2019-12-11
Everyone often drinks beer, but do you know what is the production of barrel beer? Then the beer barrel manufacturers will give you a specific explanation. I hope it can be of great help to everyone. The body of barrel beer and bottled beer are in accordance with national beer quality standards. But sales are different. Because barreled beer is a retail drink, it is important to pay attention to the consistency of the quality of the wine at the beginning and the end of the barrel and the stability of the quality during the shelf life. Brewery often considers the quality of beer, which is often limited to the quality of beer when leaving the factory, and ignores the problem of sales turnover between the brewery and the end consumer. It is necessary to take into account the quality standards of the draft beer after pouring into the wine glass, ensure the consistency of quality, and understand the opinions of consumers and conduct statistical analysis. Finally, put forward comprehensive improvement opinions. The general requirements of consumers for draft beer are: the clarity of the beer, the amount of foam, temperature, time (time poured into the glass), taste and so on. These factors should ensure that consumers' needs are met as much as possible, otherwise the existing market will be lost. Good beer barrels of beer barrel manufacturers should have light yellow color, clear and transparent, hops fragrance, white and delicate foam, long-lasting rich, carbon dioxide gas kills mouth, suitable drinking temperature, slightly bitter taste disappears quickly, pure taste refreshing fresh and mellow, Feels soothing after drinking. In order to keep existing consumers and attract more new consumers, it is extremely important to maintain the quality of draft beer. Fresh beer refers to draft beer that has not been pasteurized (heat sterilized). At present, there are two types of barrel beer on the market. One is draught beer without heating and sterilization, which is limited to small local sales. The shelf life is short (not less than 3 days); the other is pasteurized (heated) extinction. Bacteria barrel beer can be sold far away, with a shelf life of more than 30 days. The flavors of the two are different. The key technology of modern fresh beer production for beer keg manufacturers is to use the secondary filtration method to remove yeast and other microorganisms instead of pasteurization. At the same time, necessary measures are taken to ensure the hygiene and sterility of the entire filling process to ensure the sterility of the finished beer, so that the beer can be fresh and have good stability. Secondary filtration technology generally has three forms, namely plate filter, microporous membrane filter, ceramic filter.
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