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'Beer (beverage) refrigerator' group standard

by:Trano     2019-12-11
On November 13, the “Beer (beverage) refrigerator” “Made in Zhejiang” group standard review meeting was successfully held in trano. The meeting invited experts from Zhejiang Fangyuan Inspection Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Snow Beer (China) Co., Ltd., Intelligent Manufacturing College of Taizhou University, Zhejiang Institute of Standardization and Weikai Certification Testing Co., Ltd., Taizhou Market Supervision Administration, Yuhuan Relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision Administration participated. Looking at the quality of beer (beverage) refrigerators on the market, it can be said that the quality is uneven, which is mainly due to the lack of national and industry standards for related products in China. The reliability, durability and safety of the products cannot be performed. Effective judgments, such as heavy metal exceeding the standard, occur from time to time. trano, as the leading domestic provider of keg beer distribution system, participates as the first drafting unit of this standard, and hopes to fill its gaps in domestic standards with its own expertise, set industry benchmarks, and fulfill the social responsibility that an enterprise should bear. Develop and release a set of 'Made in Zhejiang (Beverage) Refrigerators' and 'Made in Zhejiang' group standards, which will regulate the beer (beverage) refrigerator industry, promote the healthy development of advantageous industries in Zhejiang, and enable Zhejiang to achieve world quality. At the meeting, the expert team leader of the review team first read and the expert team signed the 'Made in Zhejiang' Standard Reviewer's Statement of Fairness and Confidentiality Commitment, and organized to watch the 'Made in Zhejiang' brand building promotional video and 'Made in Zhejiang' review standard promotional video . The expert team leader of the review team expounded the goal of “Made in Zhejiang” as the standard of “domestic and domestic advanced”, and emphasized the requirements of “made in Zhejiang” standards for compliance, advancedness, economy, and operability. Subsequently, the experts from the review team, led by Ning Guohua, executive vice president of trano, visited the product exhibition hall and production workshop. On the way, the expert group put forward opinions and suggestions with a professional perspective, and provided new ideas for the future development of the company. The meeting heard the report of the standard drafting unit trano standard preparation working group on the background and purpose of the standard preparation, the core content and preparation process of the standard, and the advanced nature of the standard. The review team conducted detailed review, inquiry and discussion of the standard text one by one according to the target requirements, and formed expert review opinions on this basis. Next, the trano standard preparation working group will complete the standard revision work as soon as possible based on the opinions of this review meeting, and strive to complete the approval and release as soon as possible.
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