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Beer cans installed daily maintenance and cleaning

by:Trano     2020-06-16
Beer filling machine daily maintenance operation specification 1, to do a good job of beer filling machine cleaning and hygiene, keep the beer filling machine surface clean, often clean the product materials in filling machine, keep the equipment clean. 2, check equipment mould for each station location, to adjust the position has a deviation. 3, one by one, raided the tighten tighten environmental components, such as loose invention immediately held tight disposition. 4, and the sliding mechanism of beer filling mechanism filling of lubricating oil for lubrication. 5, a raid motor synchronous belt wear environment, changing synchronous belt, mediation belt tensioning mechanism, intrusive moderately. 6, check whether the sensor probe can be normal use. 7, check the air pressure, adjust if any change. 8, raided the triangle jig washer, if there is damage to exchange. Note 1 beer filling machine cleaning, for beer filling machine especially the filler valve, with slots to scrub and sterilization, liquor after the end of every class should slice, join the disinfection sterilization, every week for wine wine valve, tank, pipe scrub and sterilization, and every part in contact with the beer can't have scale, wine and mixed bacteria, isolated from the rest of good beer filling machine and other equipment, beer filling machine lubrication parts with liquor should prevent cross contamination, conveyor lubrication with special soap and water or oil. 2, beer filling machine pipeline is clean all piping and beer direct or indirect contact with the pipe, in particular, should keep clean, water every day, every week to scrub, each time to sterilization. 3, used in compressed air or CO2 should be pressurized for purification, sent for oil free air compressor for deodorization, dry compressed air or gas water separation, often should clean up the air filter, timely replacement deodorization filter medium, eliminate gas water separator in the water. For CO2 through purification and drying processing, ensure CO2 purity of 99. More than 5%. 4, keep environment cleaning and hygiene between liquor, per shift for cleaning and sterilization.
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