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Beer equipment factory tutor you distinguish between wheat beer and white beer

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Craft beer common two: wheat beer and white beer, there are some differences between them, even if people don't necessarily know after contact with craft beer. Hao lu beer equipment manufacturer small sums up the technical personnel to explain in detail the content and summarize the good content to share with you, so you later don't again wrong! Craft the wheat beer in beer, the definition of each country is not consistent. But we can think of: with wheat malt as the raw material for all or part of the raw material of a kind of craft beer, sometimes with not germinated wheat as raw materials for the parts. Winemakers are rarely all wheat as raw material to craft beer, because of no wheat shell, saccharification easy to agglomerate, it is difficult to filter, so mostly used with malt collocation. If only to wheat malt as the auxiliary materials, with only 5% - 20%, technically, the craft beer, and cannot be called a wheat beer. Germany's data show: wheat beer should be more than 50% of the wheat malt was used as raw material craft beer, including general wheat beer, white beer, ale. We use domestic demand is more than 40% of the wheat as raw material, adopts the top fermentation or below the craft beer brewing and fermentation. People often confuse wheat beer and white beer, actually this is not accurate. A lot of varieties of wheat beer, it is not as the only standard to distinguish color. Wheat beer with light, also has a color; There are clear and cloudy. White beer is one of the types of wheat beer. The traditional wheat beer is adopt top fermentation and storage period is short, so the wheat beer as 'white' word, is a reminder that this craft beer shoulds not be long. Early Germany with more than 50% of the wheat or wheat malt as the raw material brew craft beer sometimes referred to as wheat beer, sometimes referred to as the white beer. Belgian white beer in wheat malt and malt as the raw material produced, because after the secondary fermentation, so cloudy and micro has milk-white, so called white beer. After the introduction of small make up of wheat beer and white bei difference have a certain understanding, more visit: http://tranogroup. com,
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