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Beer equipment fermenter why uncomfortable bitter

by:Trano     2020-06-16
Under normal circumstances, the bitter taste of beer mainly comes from the а - hop resin Acid isomerization product, its performance is comfortable and refreshing, disappeared after dinner. But sometimes conical anomalies in beer fermentation tank liquid equipment will be uncomfortable bitter, show the entrance to the rough, not liquor taste, or after a bitter, its reason mainly has two aspects of raw material and process. 1, a raw material. The brewing water residual alkalinity, total hardness, magnesium ion, iron ion carbon content is too high. b。 Brew water PH is too high. c。 Add the time hop Chen wort. d。 Poor quality of malt, wheat skin coarse and protein and tannin content is higher, or special malt baked focal temperature is too high. 2, a process. Saccharification process. Saccharification and wort filtration time is long, make excessive tannins, anthocyanins and fatty acid into the wort; Filtered wort turbidity, feeding, mixing and wort excessive oxygen when mash, polyphenol oxidation serious; Glycosylated feeding is used when the last time washing water. b。 The fermentation process. Hot cold sludge separation effect is bad; Bubble lid sinking into the wine; Process piping health unqualified; After high temperature storage, and more yeast in wine storage; Excessive fermentation to produce by-products higher alcohols and esters.
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