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Beer equipment gauge installation

by:Trano     2020-06-16
Beer is a kind of beer equipment used to manufacture mechanical equipment, due to the stress produces in the process of brewing, in order to ensure the safety of beer brewing, so the safety pressure gauge on the beer equipment. Pressure gauge is a component parts, beer equipment for brewing production has played a very important role, complete equipment including barrel of beer, wine spear, distributor, pressure gauge, hose, draft beers, wine tower ( The column) , label, beer taps, etc. Pressure gauge on beer equipment installation method is as follows: 1, the equipment in place: refer to relevant drawings, and according to the technological requirements and site conditions, determine the location of the device. 2, saccharification equipment: to determine the operating plane, adjust the mash tun, filter tank spacing, connection process pipe fitting, wort pump, water filling of saccharification, filtration equipment and pipe, steam heating, start-up wort pump leakage, exhaust steam examine all parts and no abnormal after feeding. Exhaust: mash tun equipped with exhaust steam drum, preparation and ventilation, assure indoor gas discharge in a timely manner. Devices such as mechanical parts: check the filter tank plow knife, mixing, etc of the motor, reducer, fixed bolts, fittings, etc. , are there any loose, unusual, slow down into the oil is normal, after wiring connected to the power, adjust the direction of rotation, commissioning, and correct rear can release. Liquid level meter: check whether there is any damage on glass tube, and correct rear can leak. Note: the steam heating, steam pressure adjustment is 0. 15 to 0. 2 mpa, mash tun internal water heating jacket may not be lower than upper limit position. 3, fermentation equipment: fermentation tank installed L pipe, valves, pressure gauges, temperature sensor and other accessories, with tap water pressurized to 0. 18 to 0. 2 mpa, the holding time is 2 hours, no abnormal before cleaning, by pot test: 4, refrigeration equipment, a professional refrigeration engineering installation and commissioning, ban opened amateurs.
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