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Beer equipment manufacturer disclosure: industrial difference between beer and craft beer

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Beer is one of the oldest human alcohol, is second only to the tea consumption in the world after drink. Beer in the early twentieth century was introduced into China, is a kind of foreign wine. Beer is Beer according to English translated into Chinese 'bei', referred to as 'Beer', in use today. Beer is the malt, hops, water as the main raw material, made from fermented by yeast and become full of carbon dioxide low alcohol wine. How to distinguish simple craft beer and industrial beer? The difference between a, raw material use different craft beer malt, hops, yeast and water to brew, do not add any artificial additives. Craft beer in the material to the quality requirement is very strict, most does not consider cost when brewing, flexibility in the variety choice, and can continuously break the routine, try the collocation between different materials and beer. Beer in pursuit of cost and industry, more use raw materials such as rice, corn and starch replace malt, or with the wort sugar syrup to set directly. The difference between two different craft beer production limit production, the pursuit of the flavor of beer and personality. Beer industry, production, industrial production. Difference between the three, diverse recipe different craft beer recipe and curing degree of barley malt, wheat malt, with a wide variety of hops, yeast of different combinations, produce beer in a wide range of tastes. Have fragrance of wheat beer, thick dark beer, amber beer and fruit beer, etc. , the world according to the species, nearly 100 kinds of styles of craft beer. The difference between the four different craft beer fermentation and industrial beer fermentation process is also different, craft beer usually USES is al process ( Ales, fermentation process) Beer is the gulag, industry ( Under the Larges, fermentation process) , is the main difference between yeast fermentation process in different position and fermentation temperature. As shown, craft beer: more for al process, yeast at the top of the fermentation tank, floating above the liquid, fermentation temperature control in 10 - in general 20℃。 Usually smaller, fermentor after filtering and sterilizing. Industrial beer: more for raga process, at the bottom of the yeast in fermentation tank, beneath the sink in the wine, the general control fermentation temperature under 10 ℃. Fermentation tank is bigger, after fermentation usually adopt filter and pasteurized, increase the shelf life of beer. The difference between the five different craft beer fermentation time and beer industry in addition to different fermentation process, fermentation time is different, too. Craft beer: because they don't need too care about cost, so the fermentation time tend not to pay special attention to, not too much time to consider the cost. The most traditional craft beer fermentation time of up to 2 months, beer fermentation, adequately so wort concentration is higher, more full-bodied flavor. Industrial beer: for beer industry, time is money, so the industrial beer fermentation time usually only for 7 days or so, so that fermentation not particularly full, lead to low content of wort concentration, flavor is more delicate. Difference between six, flavor taste different because of different raw materials and production technology and industrial beer, so the craft beer flavor taste more rich. Stay mellow, filled with floral aromas, and with the taste of caramel, some like coffee, suffering. 。 。 。 。 。 Untold taste, can present in beer. Everyone can find a their favorite beer. Industrial beer taste is unitary, the basic can be referred to as 'water'. Difference between seven and nutritional value of different craft beer: craft beer with rich aroma, high content of wort, thick full taste, nutritional value is higher. Is the real meaning of 'liquid bread'. Industrial beer: in order to unified product taste, usually single industrial brewing technology and style, plus a short fermentation time, so the industrial beer taste light, bubbles, wort concentration is low, less content of hops and low alcohol content, almost no nutritional value. Difference between eight and save time for different craft beer: most craft beer filtration and sterilization processing, therefore, craft beer can't long time preservation. Most craft beer shelf life is short, some shelf life only for a few days, a few days. Industry beer, beer in the late fermentation, often can filter and pasteurization process, a longer shelf life. General industrial beer for 1 - shelf life 2 years, some even up to several decades. Difference between nine, the method of different craft beer: in a relatively thick, rich palate with high alcohol content, different styles of beer can match different meals. No matter drink tasting or booze have suitable varieties. Industrial beer: usually with lighter taste, low alcohol content, suitable for big drink. Craft community called carbonated drinks with hoppy. By comparing the so a friend may be understood, craft beer crushing beer industry, no matter from which ways if you are evaluating project craft beer equipment, can seek advice or call our customer service hotline, hao lu will provide you with quality service!
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