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Beer equipment manufacturers teach you to distinguish wheat beer from white beer

by:Trano     2020-02-27
There are two common types of brewed beer: wheat beer and white beer. There is a difference between them, even if people who have come into contact with brewed beer do not necessarily know. Hao Lu beer equipment manufacturer Xiaobian summarized the contents of the technical staff and shared the summarized contents with everyone, so that everyone will not make a mistake in the future! The definition of wheat beer in fine Brewing beer is not the same in every country. However, we can generally think that a class of brewed beer with malt as part of the raw material or all of the raw materials sometimes uses unsprouted wheat as part of the raw material. Winemakers seldom use wheat as all raw materials to brew fine beer. Because wheat has no wheat shell, it is easy to caking during saccharification and difficult to filter, so it is mostly used with barley malt. If only malt is used as an auxiliary material, only 5%- 20%, strictly speaking, this kind of brewed beer cannot be called wheat beer. According to German data, wheat beer should be brewed with more than 50% malt as raw material, including General wheat beer, white beer and whole malt beer. Our domestic requirement is to use more than 40% of wheat as raw materials, and to brew brewed beer by fermentation above or below. People often confuse wheat beer with white beer, which is not accurate. There are many varieties of wheat beer, which is not the only standard for color difference. Wheat beer has light color and strong color; There are clarification and turbidity. White beer is only one of the types of wheat beer. The traditional wheat beer is fermented above and has a short storage period, so the title of wheat beer is 'white' to remind people that this kind of brewed beer should not be stored for a long time. In the early days, refined beer brewed from more than 50% wheat or malt in Germany was sometimes called wheat beer and sometimes white beer. White Beer in Belgium is brewed from wheat malt and barley malt. After secondary fermentation, the wine is turbid and slightly milky white, so it is called white beer. After a brief introduction, I have a certain understanding of the difference between wheat beer and white beer. I will visit more content: http://tranogroup . com
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