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by:Trano     2020-02-27
What is the price of beer equipment? We first understand the price of beer equipment, is worried about the lack of funds, turnover is not open. However, if we pay close attention to the price of beer equipment and ignore other things, even if we buy low-cost beer equipment, but the quality is not enough, it is not only an economic loss, it is a waste of time and energy. The price of beer equipment has become the primary concern of buyers. In Xiaobian's view, it is a bit of a cart before the horse. For practitioners who have just started to enter the beer brewing industry, it is the most important thing to have a set of beer equipment that is simple to operate and easy to use, with appropriate price and small floor space. However, this kind of beer equipment can only be achieved by integrated beer equipment. Take the following as an example to list the advantages of integrated beer equipment. Saccharification tank: bad mouth: there is a slag rake to facilitate the cleaning of wheat residue. Centrifugal Pump: provides power for saccharification and filtration. Mirror: in order to facilitate everyone to observe the wort filtration. Feeding Port: make the raw material input easier. Rotary sinking: The purpose is to cool the wort evenly, facilitate cooling, and reduce the time for making wine. Fermentation tank: wine valve: can be used as a wine vending machine. Refrigeration system: Convenient Control of wine body temperature to ensure beer quality. Universal wheel: The purpose is to move easily, even one person can operate. Flange mouth: there is no dead angle when grinding the inside of the tank body, and it is convenient to clean. Pressure gauge: check the situation in the tank at any time. Thermostat: control temperature can be set. Safety valve: safety device, when the pressure is too high, it can automatically discharge the pressure to prevent the pressure from being too high due to misoperation. After watching it, do you still care about the price of beer equipment? If we still care, we can continue to look down. The internal structure of the saccharification tank is divided into two layers: the upper layer is filtration; The lower layer is saccharification, boiling, cooling, etc. When boiling, circulating stirring is carried out by centrifugal pump, which facilitates tank cleaning and saves labor cost. This design saves the manufacturing cost and also saves the floor space and operation time. The fermentation tank is an essential and important equipment in the beer brewing process. Therefore, having a built-in multi-purpose fermentation tank for refrigeration can not only reduce the investment cost of entering the beer brewing industry, it is also convenient for everyone to operate. Combined with the above content, haolu fine brewing tells everyone that the price of beer equipment is not the main factor of concern. It is important to know the detailed data of a set of beer equipment and select the ideal beer equipment in your mind according to the comparison.
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