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Beer equipment safety operation

by:Trano     2020-06-16
Now many customers do have a lot of different requirements for beer equipment, beer equipment in operation to do safety operation, when using the device will have different performance in many ways, but beer equipment processing manufacturer to alert the user, regardless of whether you need to use what kind of beer equipment, is to pay attention to do the following in terms of equipment and application details, to ensure equipment have good application performance, to optimize the brewing of the work: 1, protection device is: buy need beer equipment manufacturers of good manufacturing equipment, has the advantages of the application of relatively abundant, use of the advantages of equipment in all aspects, and to be able to do a good job of beer brewing, to help have made good performance in multiple applications. 2, guarantee provided by the environment optimization: if the processing environment is too messy, to the efficiency and effect of brewing work, will have bad influence, and possibly for beer equipment damage, thus affecting equipment function performance, shorten the service life of equipment. So the beer manufacturer to alert the user equipment processing, to ensure to provide the optimization in terms of equipment and application environment, good environment conditions was used to optimize equipment operation use. 3, in strict accordance with the procedures: focus on beer equipment processing manufacturer to alert the user in the aspect of equipment used in strict accordance with the procedures, in order to avoid to use the improper operation of equipment damage, affecting the beer brewing. Craft beer equipment use notice a complete set of equipment and beer, like people need care and maintenance. 1, equipment cleaning containing Cl - is strictly prohibited Detergent or disinfectant. 2, the equipment for a long time need not, please before stopping device thoroughly clean again, after waiting for the water net, close the valve. Equipment before reopened after long time need not, please send equipment thoroughly clean, repeatable cleaning several times. 3, heat exchanger, or after long time need not, after a long run should open washing, cleaning the ban on using metal brushes, ban bent, and twisted, trample, extrusion heat exchanger plate, the aging of the already sealing gasket needs to be changed in a timely manner. 4, equipment to regularly check the motor and pump connection and grounding of, ensure correct wiring. Check oil level of deceleration motor and hydraulic device, stirring motor should add lubricating oil regularly according to the instructions. Regularly check the stirring, plow knife fittings tighten. Each pump used may not be idle, inversion, and found that the leakage situation in a timely manner to replace pump seal. 5, check mill hopper in the presence of foreign impurities, check the pulverizer fasteners loose and mill drive belt tightness and the reliability of the safety protection device. Regular cleaning mill roller.
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