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Beer fermentation tank in the production equipment is made up of these three parts

by:Trano     2021-02-21

part of the beer production equipment, including fermentation tank, filling machine, etc. , in the production of beer every part played a larger role, therefore can be beneficial to the production of beer, also can ensure its taste, one of the more important is the use of fermentation tank, fermentation tank used correctly determines the taste of beer production after, therefore need to be pay attention to, so we learn about the first part of the fermentation tank!

  1 . Roof part. Roof to the round arch structure, the central hole used to install the CO2, the CIP pipe and fittings, place the removable large diameter flange, roof installation of vacuum to prevent valve, overvoltage valve and pressure transducer, tank cleaning devices are installed inside, for roof operation fixed
2. Part of tank. Fermenter tanks is cylinder in beer production equipment, is the main part of the tank. Fermentation tank height depends on the diameter of the cylinder and height. Because of the large tank diameter, low pressure, so the diameter of the tapered tank commonly below 6 m. Processing easier than roof tank, used to install the cooling unit and thermal insulation layer outside the tank, the temperature measurement, the load cell installed in a certain location.
  3 . Cone bottom part. The Angle of cone bottom, as a general rule, be 60 - 80 degrees, there are 90 - More than 110 degrees, but for the large capacity of fermentation tank. Fermentation tank height and Angle of the cone bottom, the smaller the Angle, the higher the cone bottom part. General pot of cone bottom height accounts for about a quarter of total height, not more than a third. The walls of the cone bottom cooling layer, cooling cone bottom sediment of yeast. Please at the bottom of the cone in and out of the pipe, valve installation, reflector, load cell, etc.
in addition, the ratio of the diameter and height of tank is usually 1:2 - 1:4, total height not more than 6 m, lest cause strong convection, and concretion subsidence influence yeast. General fermentation tank pressure control in 0. 2MPa— 0. 3MPa。 Preface tank wall smooth level off, the stainless steel tank wall for grinding processing, carbon steel tank wall coating evenly, without concave and convex surface, no granular swelled.

the above is a constitute part of the fermentation tank of beer production equipment, and one of the more important is the part of tank, the installation of this part is relatively simple, but its role is relatively large, so need to be pay attention to during installation and use, each section of the fermentation tank can play a bigger role, so should be attention in the production and processing.

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