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Beer filling machine factory explains in detail the six steps of brewing beer main fermentation

by:Trano     2020-01-09
Nowadays, beer production equipment is developing rapidly in the market. More and more people come to choose this equipment. How much do you know about the process of brewing beer with this equipment? Today, Shandong trano, a beer filling machine factory, took everyone to the following to learn about it, hoping to help everyone. 1. Yeast added to wort during yeast breeding period 8- After 16 hours, small carbon dioxide bubbles appeared on the liquid surface, gradually forming white, creamy foam. Yeast entered the main fermentation tank immediately after 20 hours of reproduction. 2, foaming period also Slot 4- After 5 hours, more foam gradually appeared on the surface of the wort, gradually from the surrounding to the middle, white and delicate, thick and compact, like cauliflower, with small carbon dioxide bubbles surging up, and bring out some precipitates. 3. 2- After 3 days, the foam increased and bulged, and due to the hop resin and protein in the wine- Tannin complex begins to precipitate and gradually turns brown yellow. At this time, the fermentation period is flourishing. The beer filling machine factory suggests that artificial cooling is needed at this time, but it should not be too severe to prevent yeast from precipitating prematurely and affecting the fermentation effect. 4. After 5 days of fermentation during the foaming period, the fermentation power gradually weakened. The beer barrel cleaning machine factory told everyone that the carbon dioxide bubbles decreased, the foam retracted, the precipitates in the wine increased, and the foam turned brown. 5. Fermentation during bubble cap formation 7- After 8 days, the foam retracted to form a foam cover, and the precipitated polyphenol complex, hops resin, yeast cells and other impurities were skimmed off. At this time, the temperature should be greatly reduced to precipitate the yeast. 6. Post-fermentation and storage: the fermentation broth of wort after main fermentation is called tender beer. At this time, the carbon dioxide content of the wine is insufficient, and volatile substances such as diacetyl, acetaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide are not reduced to a reasonable extent, the mouth of the liquor is not mature and is not suitable for drinking. A large number of suspended yeast and condensed substances have not yet precipitated, and the liquor is not clear enough. Generally, it will take several weeks for the post-fermentation and wine storage period. The maturation and clarification of beer are both in the post-fermentation and wine storage period. The six steps of the main fermentation of brewing beer have been introduced here. Has everyone mastered it? The beer filling machine factory suggests that you can follow the above six points when brewing beer. I hope the above contents can help you. If you want to know more details, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics. : Beer filling machine
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