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Beer filling machine gradually matures in development

by:Trano     2020-01-08
According to the analysis of beer filling machine manufacturers, through the unremitting progress of industry development and the unremitting efforts of key enterprises, at present, the filling equipment used in beer production in China, including large and advanced filling machines and labeling machines, can basically be localized and better meet the needs of the market. As a result, domestic beer enterprises have benefited greatly from cost saving, convenient maintenance of spare parts and equipment and even improvement of production efficiency, and have also made China's beer industry even more powerful, the quality and market competitiveness of the overall filling equipment have been further improved. This also fully shows that the domestic beer filling equipment industry has entered a new development period. As the most important packaging equipment in the production process of breweries, beer filling lines and labeling machines have been restricting the real realization of the domestic beer industry for many years. 'Localization'Equipment development process'Bottleneck'. This is mainly because the production of beer filling line and labeling machine requires higher and finer technical performance than other beer packaging equipment. In the past 10 years, China's beer packaging equipment industry has made a series of achievements, even in the production of beer filling lines and labeling machines. However, we still need to clearly realize that there are still many gaps between the advanced water products of our international counterparts. We only have to fully recognize these gaps, constantly innovate and continuously improve, only in this way can we reach the international advanced level faster. With the rapid development of domestic beverage and beer industry, the business opportunities in the beer filling machine market are huge. : Beer filling machine
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