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Beer filling machine is well known to the world. How does it work?

by:Trano     2020-01-08
Beer filling machine is well known to the world. How does it work? The following beer filling machine manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction on its working principle. The main components of beer filling machine are wine tank and filling valve. The filling machine wine tank is a stainless steel ring tank surrounding the top of the filling machine, which is mainly responsible for storing beer and carbon dioxide during bottling. The filling machine studied in this paper contains 144 identical filling valves. Each filling valve has 4 Valves: vacuum valve, beer filling valve, pressure reducing valve and carbon dioxide valve. The vacuum valve is responsible for removing the air in the bottle before filling, the carbon dioxide valve is mainly responsible for filling the glass bottle with carbon dioxide for pressure preparation, and the beer filling valve is responsible for injecting beer into the bottle, the pressure reducing valve is responsible for discharging excessive pressure in the bottle after filling. Through the response of the sensors around the control ring and the trigger of the control cam, the filling can be carried out according to the required valve operation sequence, according to the position of the input star wheel and the output Star wheel, the control valve port is sealed to open and close. The control of beer filling machine mainly includes the control of pre-vacuum extraction, carbon dioxide filling and pressure preparation, cleaning, Liquor filling, Liquor filling and precipitation, inhalation and residue removal, blowing air to remove alcohol foam, etc. The pre-vacuum is controlled by Cam, and the beer bottle entering the lower tray position of the filling machine by the dial wheel mechanism rises to the lower end of the Liquor filling valve under the action of the lifting mechanism, then, under the action of the lifting Cam, open the sealing port of the centering cover and enter the pre-vacuum stage. At this time, the vacuum valve opens the vacuum valve under the control of the single chip microcomputer to pre-vacuum. Then when the filling machine rotates to the position of the Flushing starter, the sensor at the position transmits a signal to the single chip microcomputer to control the carbon dioxide valve to open, and the beer filling machine is inflated and cleaned, carbon dioxide will flow into the bottle and receive 8 stages of purification to clean the residual oxygen in the bottle. Then the wine tank is pressed, and then enters the filling stage. In the filling stage, the starting time of wine filling is controlled by the position of the induction starter, however, the filling end instruction is jointly controlled by the interrupt instruction inside the single chip microcomputer and the position of the closed valve. After the filling is finished, there is a delayed precipitation process. After the precipitation is finished, the residual liquid inside the valve channel is sucked by triggering the suction valve, then blow off the foam at the bottleneck through the air inlet. Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 are respectively the control flow and working process diagrams of the beer filling machine. In Fig. 4, 1 is pre-vacuumized, 2 is flushing, 3 is the second vacuumizing, 4 is standby pressure, 5 is filling, 6 is filling and settling, and 7 is valve closure, 8 is the suction process and 9 is the return air duct blowing. The working principle of the beer filling machine is roughly the same, and so is the beer filling process. You can have a good understanding of it. : Beer filling machine
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