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Beer filling machine manufacturers share beer production methods and processes

by:Trano     2020-01-09
In the hot summer, beer is essential. Everyone thinks about drinking beer, blowing air conditioning, watching TV, and thinking about whether it is beautiful! How much do you know about beer? Do you know how it is made? Beer filling machine manufacturer trano introduces to you, I hope everyone can like it! First, the beer production method is as follows: 1. The malt is crushed in a roller mill, mixed with hot water, and then rotated into a wort barrel to produce wort. The sweet wort is filtered and then flows into the brewing tank, and then the wort sediment is sprayed with hot water to take away the remaining wort. Filtered wort grain residue can be used as livestock feed. 2. Boil wort and add hops to the brewing pot, usually 1. 5-3 hours. The beer filling machine manufacturer learned that the hops were filtered, the precipitated protein was separated by centrifugation, cooled to the fermentation temperature, and the wort was transferred to the primary fermentation tank, in which fresh yeast was added, the fermentation process lasts for 5 to 10 days, and then the beer is poured into a cooked pot. 3. Further fermentation will take about a month until the beer matures. 4. Filter the mature wine into cans. Second, the beer filling machine manufacturers introduce the beer making process. Beer production can be roughly divided into three main processes: malt manufacturing, beer brewing and beer filling. 1. Malt manufacturing: the malt/grain to be crushed by gelatinization treatment is mixed with water in a gelatinization pot. In a gelatinization pot, malt and water are heated and boiled, and then malt juice is sent to a filtration vessel called a separation tower. Before the malt juice is pumped into the boiling pot, the malt husk must be removed from the filter tank, and hops and sugar are added. 2. Beer brewing: saccharification: mix crushed malt and starch auxiliary materials with warm water in gelatinization pot and saccharification pot respectively to adjust the temperature. After the liquefied liquid in the gelatinization pot is added to the saccharification pot, it is maintained at suitable for saccharification (Temperature of Action (62 ~ 70 ° C)To make wheat. Fermentation: beer filling machine manufacturers found that most yeast precipitated at the bottom of the tank. After removing yeast, the product'Tender beer'It is pumped into a post-fermentation tank. Here, the remaining yeast and insoluble protein are further precipitated, making the style of beer gradually mature. The maturity time varies with the variety of beer, generally 7 ~ 21 days. 3, beer filling: packaging often has several packaging forms of bottled, canned and barreled. In addition, the difference in bottle shape and capacity, the difference in label, neck cover and bottle cap, and the diversification of outer packaging constitute a wide variety of beer products in the market. The above is the relevant content of beer production introduced by the beer filling machine manufacturer. After reading it, do you have a deeper understanding of it, I hope to help everyone! Although beer is good for quenching thirst, but still pay attention to drink less, avoid greed! : Beer filling machine manufacturer
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