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Beer filling machine now has some disadvantages, how much do you know?

by:Trano     2021-02-27

the beer filling machine when use can ensure fast work efficiency, in order to achieve good working effect, which is the key is to save the use of artificial, automation equipment can also flow to the efficiency of the filling machine play a ', the use of such for filling machine also has a good advantage. But everything is not only the advantages, filling machine also has a certain disadvantage, then let's learn together.

  1 . Unqualified material

observation of beer filling machine production material, generally speaking, the filling machine for stainless steel materials, if it is too thin, materials or other cheap materials, after the filling machine can filling of different materials and corrosion for a long time, this is one of the common quality defects of problems filling machine. Late may appear some material, different material in the production of materials used to make sure the beer of the corrosion is lesser, also can use some anti-corrosion technology, ensure the normal use of filling machine.

  2 . Accuracy is not high

if the precision of the filling machine filling machine filling head is not high, will directly affect the filling accuracy. In this source, must pay attention to and understand relevant situation of filling machine, and then to do mechanical filling, after the completion of the filling head of the precision of the concrete is how many also want to understand in more detail, make sure no problem after checking the accuracy, ensure high precision.

  3 . The low automatic degree

the quality of the beer filling machine is good or bad, also want to see the degree of automation, high degree of automation equipment products are of good quality and high degree of automation is not very trouble, repeatedly appeared in the process of filling caton, which affect the efficiency of fill. This filling machine has been optimized, automation and work efficiency efforts will speed up in time, so as to ensure fast and effective work.

all exist some disadvantages in this beer filling machine, compared, using the advantages of filling machine is more, its disadvantage when use mainly in terms of materials, precision and automation, is relatively the choice of material can be upgraded in the future, or be able to avoid a certain corrosive, precision and automation in future development will be more careful.

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