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Beer filling machine should always keep the pipeline clean

by:Trano     2020-02-15
As the frequency of beer filling machine increases, its pipes are easy to become dirty, which will pollute beer and further breed bacteria in beer. Therefore, beer filling machine must always keep the pipes clean. 1. Cleaning of packaging containers the packaging containers used must be cleaned and strictly inspected, and the packaged beer cannot be polluted. 2, the cleaning of filling equipment to the filling equipment, especially the wine valve of the filling machine, the wine tank should be brushed and sterilized, after the end of the wine filling, each shift should be water, add disinfectant sterilization, every week, the wine valve, wine tank and wine tube should be scrubbed and sterilized. Any part that comes into contact with beer should not have dirt, tartar and miscellaneous bacteria. zui, the wine filling equipment, should be isolated from other equipment, the lubrication part of the filling machine and the wine filling part should prevent cross contamination, and the lubrication of the conveyor belt should use special soapy water or lubricating oil. 3. Cleaning of pipelines all pipelines, especially those in direct or indirect contact with beer, should be kept clean. Water should be drained every day, scrubbed every week and sterilized every time. Whether the beer filling machine is used frequently or occasionally, it is best to clean the pipeline regularly, especially the beer production enterprise. It is necessary to maintain regular cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the pipeline of the beer filling machine.
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