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Beer filling machine work efficiency of the equipment? What are the characteristics?

by:Trano     2021-02-25

in the filling production, beer filling machine has played a very important role, equipment quality and operation efficiency directly affects the efficiency of production output and quality of the beer filling machine work efficiency of the equipment? What are the characteristics?

if only depend on the expansion of capital investment and expand the production scale of extensive operation can't meet the demand of development, China's production has entered the adjustment of product structure and the improvement of ability. The development of. In the new era, technology upgrading, product replacement and operations management is an important topic of the industry development. Speed up establishing innovation system, the company independent development ability as soon as possible, refinement, specialization and elaboration and enhance China bottled water filling machine products; Adjust the industrial structure, improve production concentration, series production, promote the specialization, improve the quality of products and market adaptability.

in the equipment performance, quality, service development and reliability, the household of bottled water machine technical level at a disadvantage. On the product structure, must take the market as the guidance, change the current low technology content, low content of the product. In a competitive situation, must eliminate low efficiency, high consumption, low product, low value-added, labor-intensive, efforts to develop and produce high efficiency, low consumption of complete sets of large high-tech equipment and products, and production and marketing.

the beer filling machine performance characteristics is introduced:
1. Beer filling machine adopts high quality stainless steel square tube grille, stainless steel wire drawing board, compact structure, beautiful appearance, novel design.
  2. Filling nozzle drip tight design, high precision, accurate measurement.
  3. Beer filling machine, liquid flow down umbrella bottle wall, effectively prevent the filling liquid in the process of impact caused by the bubble, prevent the liquid overflow.
  4. Beer filling machine adopts PLC control system, the filling process is stable and reliable, has the function of overload protection and stop;
  5. PLC and intelligent control of beer filling amount, control accuracy, stability, convenient adjustment, fast;
  6. Native filling range, filling volume can be adjusted within a certain range, beyond the range can be customized.
  7. Beer filling machine adopts electric power, gas phase coordination control and automatic control operation, greatly improving the stability of machine operation;
  8. Beer filling machine filling valve is easy to remove and clean;
  9. Automatic counting function, effectively control the filling quantity.

the above is to introduce the work efficiency and characteristics of beer filling machine equipment, beer filling machine has been integrated into the many vendors, high efficiency and low cost of the equipment you're worth it!

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